Bank balance

I was playing at Amazonian4 this morning and sat with the minimum amount…left with 30+ k and checked my balnce a little while ago and it is not right. It says i’m down 1,500 chips,could someone check this,i believe this has happened before.

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The fastest way Nic is as staff doesn’t regularly monitor these posts.

Good luck


Hi Craig,

Thank you for letting NicUrChips know to contact our Support Team at However, I would like all visitors to know that staff do monitor each of the forum posts daily.



Sorry I misspoke.

Please forgive me for the false information.
I could have sworn I read in a brand new thread that was posted last week that staff doesn’t monitor each post in every thread daily, only if a post is flagged.

Enough trying to help for me, won’t happen again.
Must be the old “Player Representative Role” in me.

Best of luck all.

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Thank you all for all your efforts to help me. I did send a mail to support but so far have had no response. Good luck at the tables and take care!


Yes, because children may read these posts…

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Still haven’t had a response from support,is this normal operation procedure?

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I also put in a support ticket, actually 2 and received a message that because of the Holiday weekend offices were closed or words to that effect.

Thanks Craig !

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Your welcome Nic. Hopefully everything will get straightened out tomorrow. With a 4 day weekend and tons of player inquiries and/or problems I’m banking on Tuesday to be honest before all is well.

Staff will get it right. I have no doubt.