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Congrats Jack! Awesome accomplishment. :heart:

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FatnSassy becomes the third member of the 500 club

The 500 club consists of all Donks who have shown outstanding dedication to the league by playing in at least 500 league games. In yesterday’s Tournament of Champions, the third Donk in history qualified for this club.

It is my privilege to present to you @FatnSassy as the third member of the 500 club. FatnSassy joined the Donks in April 2019 in the Grey Foals tier. She didn’t beat about the bush, but instead straightaway won the 2019 Q2 Composite leaderboard. This earned her advancement to the Golden Donks and induction into the Hee Hawl of Fame in her first quarter. FatnSassy is one of our most consistent participants in our league games. She played 58 games in 2019, 152 in 2020, 198 in 2021, and 92 to date in 2022. While her dedication is certainly impressive, FatnSassy is probably most known for her kindness, gentleness, and phenomenal attitude at the tables. As Badonkidonk once aptly said:

With that, I’d like to congratulate FatnSassy and wish her all the best for her next 500 league games. FatnSassy is now eligible to wear the classic Donks avatar with the 500 club logo and her Silver crown.

Many thanks to @flashlight_gt for creating this avatar.

500 club


Congratulations @FatnSassy (Leslie) fantastic achievement !!!

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WOW…just WOW. It’s been my privilege since I started in Donks to not only play with THE nicest lady in Donks or anywhere. But most of all, she’s been a very good friend of mine. You Leslie are the epitome of what a Donk should be. Again, CONGRATS on this achievement to the finest person I’ve ever met. Love ya…

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congrats and well deserved Leslie - still trying to figure out why my Canadian chips are so valued by you - lol

LESLIE - I always type it in all caps, and Leslie always responds in kind. Truly one of the sweetest, kindest people I have met on replay. Just a joy to call you friend.

Much love


First of all, I want to thank Black Widow and Flashlight for making this such a special day for me. It’s better than my birthday! I had no idea I’ve Played so many games, as they say time flies when you’re having fun. The only reason I achieved this is because of all the wonderful friends I play with. You are my Donk family and truly care so much for each of you. I love my avatar and will display it proudly. (thanks to the league I now understand what an avatar is, lol) I want to congratulate Jack and Chuck on receiving their awards as they deserve it. They are great players and of course great friends. Lastly thanks to Badonk for starting this league he has a special place in my heart. Love to all of you, Leslie


OOOXXX Thank you all for your kind words Leslie

Leslie congratulation’s to one of the nicest and deadly players on this site.

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Congratulations Jack and Leslie. It is nice to be in such formidable company as you two.

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Awesome! Congrats Dear Leslie! Well deserved! :heart:

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Congratulations Leslie and Jack, great achievement and well deserved tribute. Its always a privilege to be at a table with both of you! Your friend Josie xoxo