Are you or your neighbors helping each other this year?

Are you and/or your neighbors been doing anything to help each other during the shutdowns? My neighbor bought himself a riding lawnmower and has been cutting my lawn for me. That’s a great help for an old guy like me.

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Yeah, I TPed the neighbor’s house, which they seemed to appreciate.


I bake cookies for my neighbors, and they give me access to their garden for lettuce, chard, and cabbage. I think I’m the one getting the better deal, but that’s what they think too!




JanCee, that’s a perfect example of a “fair” trade–both parties think they got the best of the deal. And, oddly enough, they actually did.


Funny you should mention the mower. My neighbor bought a new riding mower and gave us the old one. Said I was getting too old and arthritic to be pushing a mower around. And, as mentioned above, we pay back with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, ice cream and tips on horses to bet.


I live in an area with many of the ladies club members whom have been sewing masks for the community and the tourists-visitors. My better half has added the elastic etc. for the final stage. Believe they are making them for the local school also if needed.

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When I first heard about the virus I printed up flyers, letting people know that if they or a family member were in hospital, or sick, I would foster their pets, for as long as needed. I would ask for no payment, my only condition was that if a cat or dog were not fixed, they would be upon return. I also let them know I could take horses. Living alone, I know if I got sick, my biggest concern would be my animals. So far I have taken in 8 cats, 3 dogs, and 5 horses. I also have been feeding 2 feral colonies for 2 women. My vet has been wonderful, stopping by all the time, checking each arrival, and being sure all are healthy, and fixing 3 cats for free. Together, we can all make a difference, no matter how small our actions may seem.


You are a hero!!