Missing Friends

Does anyone on Replay have contact with Wolfie98290 (Penny). We haven’t heard from her for a few weeks and would like to know she is okay.


Thanks for posting Dan! :pray:: for Penny’s save return.


I think that you don’t understand how this inter-webby-netty-thingy works.

Peoples comes and peoples goes. You almost certainly have no good reason to think that you are meaningful in any way to that persons life.

I will go further than that and say that if you had any “real life” meaning to whoever your internet friend is then you would have a way of contacting them other than posting a “contact lost” message.

It is all meaningless; it is pure vapour. Do not confuse internetty and real life: there are significant and life altering differences.

Hope this helps and good luck,

Kind regards
slava Ukraini

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Well Analyst, no your comment wasn’t helpful. It’s you who doesn’t know how this inter-webby-netty-thingy works. Maybe you don’t have friends on the site and maybe you don’t want them anyway but Penny is a member of a League of friends who are concerned we haven’t heard from her in some time. The fact we don’t have contact details is an oversight that is being addressed. We are hoping that others on Replay who do not play in the League may be able to help.


I think that you don’t understand how the manners are free thingy works

Hope This Helps

All The Best


If I knew you and was in any way interested in you being part of my “real life” I would give you my contact details.

If I don’t give you those details, I’m not that interested in you.

That is a personal perspective but it seems reasonable that if a random person wanted somebody or a group of people to be able to contact them then they would provide the details.

Life isn’t difficult.
I care about you == “here’s how to contact me”
I pretend to care about you == “write to me on Replay”



I try to read everything that you write and you always offer words of wisdom or humour … it’s a pity that you so rarely combine them but I am delighted to take what what you offer!

Manners are free, indeed, but my privacy and yours and that of other people is not free.

I and you and many others choose who they want to be “close” to.

I love you dearly and I love goatsoup and SPG and many others. That is in the context of this forum and as you represent yourself(ves). I do not assume any knowledge of or care for you outside of this forum. If I don’t “see” one of my “loved” contributors, I simply assume that the affection was not returned and I move on.

You, Tiggy, always have my very kind regards,
I remain your humble servant,


That has to be one of the saddest posts I have ever read on the forum. Perhaps you’re reaching out for something you’re missing in life. “ friends list “ on Replay means just that “ friends”. It doesn’t mean we all have to hold hands or take a walk in the park but the internet conversation with friends we have here is wonderful .

Wishing you better thoughts and I hope Santa Claus :santa:t2: brings you gifts regardless.


I feel blessed that I’m not part of your life, real or imaginary. And I see Penny is on YOUR friends list so I guess she didn’t know what type of person you are and that you only care about yourself. There are a number of names on your list that I feel sure would be concerned if something untoward happened to you. Maybe you should message them all that that you couldn’t give a rats. That way they won’t have to worry unnecessarily.


Craig, I think that I can understand your interpretation but I’m not convinced that you understand.

I am not sure that I’ve commented on your posts, but you are another person that I “look out for”. That does not mean that I want to “do” Instagram or Twitter or “FSckU” with you.

I do me and what you see ON THIS SITE is truly me.

In my real life, I’ve just been physically choked by a “family friend” 2 days before my wedding.

You, collective noun, don’t need to know about that. You don’t have any way of asking me how the wedding went.

I am TA, on Replay, and I am “me” elsewhere.

I truly do appreciate the comments and conversations but I would be very sad if people thought that the little bit that I share represented the whole of me

Penny, whoever or whatever, may well be on my friend list. That just goes to show how meaningless this internet friend thing is.

Look, if you have not met someone in person, you do not know them. Now: if you don’t know someone, why would you trust them or care about them?

You are welcome to send your money to “BigTitsTightOopsie”.

I am not, ever, going to trust anyone that I have not met.

You do you.

TA (tight arse)

Your perception/opinion is your right, we also have the right to ignore it. I am choosing to give you (and others) more insight and will continue to ignore your opinions if they are not altered with more information.

Penny’s involvement with Replay and Leagues (especially) was prominent and she was dedicated. Prominent as far as poker leagues may go. For years she has signed on, played with us, captained teams, etc. daily… for years. Her not responding on all channels including outside of Replay (email, Skype, etc.) is also not like Penny. This is not a matter of how much someone likes another person, or how much care she had about others on Replay. This is a matter of concerning behavior of someone whose involvement was profound. Some of us have relatives (as you may say in your ‘real’ life) who are on Replay. @FranklyI was sending a virtual pigeon publicly in hopes of reaching someone who may know what happened while we continue to hope that she is okay.

Thank you @FranklyI for posting here on the public forums. I hope it reaches someone who may know something.

@theanalyst01 , continue to do you, and we will continue to do us without any judgment of you, I hope you can do the same for those concerned about Penny.

Thank you,


I really hope that this isn’t the real you, but from the posts here on this topic it seems it is. I feel sad that people can’t have feeling for those unknown, unseen. I myself was like that because of childhood but replay has helped and have interacted with lots of interesting players. Anyway, everyone is different, and we should respect your beliefs so thanks for sharing and maybe you will friend me with no emotions attached. Have a great day.



I am not friends with Penny, but I really hope she is ok, please give an update in this thread if anyone hears from her. All of us can express our opinions here as long as we are respectful of others, and it is always our choice to agree or oppose. This forum allows most of us to get to know some players even just virtually and that’s always nice, at least for me. We are a community here in Replay after all and that’s what makes us different from many online poker sites available. Take care and have a great day! :heart:


Geez, you’re still here. I didn’t think you would bother anymore but I guess you still feel the need to interact. I did take the time to analyse your name to maybe understand where you are coming from. I get the first part but what does ‘yst01’ mean.

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Have you tried using @Wolfie98290 ?

I think this will send an email to her (?) and hopefully she will respond to this thread.

Since she is on your friends list, I also think you can send a Replay email directly to her of your concerns and I hope she responds to you.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Smooth. We have done those things as well as Skype but no joy. I was hoping someone might know her personally and could give us some info.


It’s been a month already :pray:t2:

wow how rude is the analyst # wherespenny # unfriendtheanalyst # mutetheanalyst