My up's to the Replay Staff

I just wanted to say that there has been a lot of turmoil and problems that occured from my IP adress and I wanted to apologize to Paul, Marci, and Spgodog in particular. There were numerous accounts created, and my brother who most of you know caused most of the problems. These issues has affected my family that wants to enjoy playing here. My brother is a great person he’s just well off and didn’t care if him causing problems would affect the rest of us. I am not sure other than those I mentioned that was affected except Kyrie and I am really apologetic and wanted all to know that. Those of you who have played with me over the last year know what type of player and person I am. Nothing has changed except being muted and unable to enjoy playing. Jerry even though this didn’t affect u I just want to say sorry also and hate these issues tied up time in the Moderator meetings. Everyone has been very respectful especially DOG and my apolgies once again go out to all the mods and anyone this affected. I hopefully look forward to being able to play and CHAT in the near future… BP

Thank You.

Thank You!