Are you new to poker, just returning, experienced but wanting to relax?

Are you picking up poker as a new hobby or returning after not playing for years?
Are you looking for a safe environment to learn or refresh your memory of skills and strategies without betting the farm?
Do you like to chillax after a grueling, hi-stakes, aggressive session?
If so you may be interested in joining this brand new league.
The first tourney is tomorrow at 9pm ET and so I need to submit as many names asap as the organizers need to add your name prior to you being able to play.
The league is Texas Holdem with 2.5k buy-in, PL (Pot Limit), and one must show their winning hand starting at 9PM ET on Mon, Wed and Friday (Tues and Thurs added later depending on interest).
One thing I must stress, is the importance of showing your winning hand (a deal breaker for some).
It is what I feel gives the league an educational aspect.
Replay understandably won’t/can’t enforce this feature but consistent mucking will be cause for removal of your membership.
You can leave at any time yourself but I need your Replay Poker username to submit you as a member.
You can either leave your name here or PM me.
To the mods… I realize I have a very similar thread going on right now but the organizers have advised me to submit names asap :grin:

Thank you all for your consideration,

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