Participation in Team Texas Hold'em

I am participating in my first team Texas Hold’em tournament and I don’t know that much about it. I would like your opinion as to the following: What is this tournament like? Why do you like it? Are there tips for a newbie like me to help me do well for my team this first time?

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Click on this link, and read all the way down and it will tell you.

You should click onto the correct thread in the forum,
Replay Team Championship 2022 to find a team.
Lots of information there as well.
Hope this helps


Thank you.

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I like team challenge ship because you do not play for yourself, you play for your team and it is not so common in poker that you also play for others! You make friends for life! My tip for you is to talk to each other in your team, every point is important, even if you have a bad day you can always try to take one place higher, play with patience, even if your opponents have higher rankings they get same card as you, read the table, the pot, but patience is important, the right card comes, play for the team! GL for your team!!


Thank you for the information Kondrad. It is very helpful.


I agree 100% with Kondrad. I have lots of friends on this site I might not have met if it hadn’t been for the Replay Team Championship event. And I love playing for my teammates. The downside of playing for teammates is that if you screw up, you don’t just mess up for yourself. You mess up for them, too. Being patient in this event is the most important. Winning isn’t based upon the largest chip stack but rather on the longest survival in each event. You’re assigned points that match the number remaining when you go out. So, I can take a big risk hoping for huge chips when I am in position 22, but if I fail, then that’s my score for the event. (Low score is best.) I’m wiser to be cautious and make wise bets in order to finish at a lower rank. I hope this makes sense. It will once you’ve played it. Good luck!


Like you Im learning but the best bit of advice was given and it is a tried and tested and that is simply …“Patience…”


The RTC will start with 4 weeks of qualifiers.

Most people will be really really cautious the first 2 tournies. They don’t want to go out early and let their teams down. Expect a lot of people to bunch up when the blinds get high and try to ladder just… one… more… place. This is an excellent opportunity to romp around like a drunken bull and get you and your team off to a good start.

Things will normalize by the 3rd game, so expect that one to play pretty much like any other tournie.

The 4th qualifier will see some players throwing caution to the wind in order to make the cut, while those in secure positions get a little more conservative in their play.

Take a few minutes to study the leaderboards each week, and get some idea of what the other players at your table need to do. Let this shape how you approach each player.

The best way to help your team is to forget you have a team and just play your best poker. Play poker first, the tournament second, and for your team last. Also, remember that the 3 lowest individual performances will be discarded. at the end of qualifiers.


Wise words!!


so true!!


Well explained, Guru.


Actually, the first bit of useful advice is, “have fun!” If you had fun, everything after that is gravy.


Something I go by when I play well- (preflop) If there is a big opening bet before your turn- unless you have big cards (ie: AK or AQ or big pair-)- I will assume the bet is a big pair or AK. I will fold with mediocre cards. no sense in wasting money on luck.

What’s a big bet to me? over four times minimum bet. After the flop- I need to pair -have four flusher or straight draw at minimum to continue- If my hand does not improve on the turn: I fold.
This method works well when I grind out wins with those occasional monster flushes -full house’s and straights.
If I make it to the river and I have been betting or raising-and another player comes in over the top- They either have a better hand or they are bluffing. Bad players bluff- Good players bluff- or bully. Sit a few hands after you join a table and make notes on other players. That way when you play them again you know how they play. One common trait I see is players ranked 200,000 or higher will continuously throw out ridiculous bets to try & steal the pot (They do this preflop), When you establish that they are bullying the pot- do not be afraid to call if you have decent hole cards.
Another thing to do is to click on the player and see how many chips he/she has banked. More often than not- the preflop bullies ranked 200,000 or higher will have ZERO chips. Then you know they are a “lotto” player. Trying to bully & steal pots. I get satisfaction in calling those players out, taking them “ALL-IN” & taking all of their chips when I believe they are bluffing. Above all- do not let the Bozo players get in your head- Protect your bank. Just relax & follow you plan.

Another pointer on flush or straights. Let’s say your hole cards are 9h & 3h- the flop comes all all hearts, You flopped a flush! Put a big bet out there to protect your flush- (Not all in-Unless one of your hearts is an ace or K). Because someone else could be holding one higher value (ie: Ace-K or Q of hearts) and call you to make their flush on the turn or river. When I play well- I will recognize when I am beat & fold.
Keep notes on players: Record their bank amount & if their type of play. You will see high ranked players (the lower the number-the higher the rank) (1600 or less-and they have big banks 2 Million or more chips banked)) You see them playing at the small (5/0 or 10/20) tables. You can learn from them by watching & taking player notes.
Poker IS a skill and often times a grind. There are times when nothing is going right for me- I cannot catch decent hole cards to save my life. When that happens-I leave & start fresh at another table. One more thing on pot bullies. If you have a knucklehead pot bully constantly opening preflop for ten times the minimum. Go to another table.
In my player notes I have the word “AVOID” -if he/she is a knucklehead bully. There are plenty of tables with decent respectful players. Poker IS a skill that involves some luck.
Above all- relax & enjoy. Kind regards, Shadowbox

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What does this whole novel you typed have to do with team play in the upcoming yearly tournament ??? All you did was talk about “I” when there is no “ I “ in team …

Best advice: Relax and enjoy! Thanks, Shadowbox.

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Thank you for the advice.

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I’ll give you another tip…

Log in an hour or so before each tournament and play a SnG or a few orbits at a ring table.

This is a lot like stretching before you run. All of your instincts, including your killer instinct, are sleeping while you watch cat videos. You gotta get those poker brains warmed up before you face a tough decision and pull something. Get to the table warmed up, don’t warm up during your tournament!

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