Love the rebuy tourneys!

Another great addition. You guys are on fire!

Thanks deadmansout!

I totally agree it is a great addition. It is loose and crazy the first 30 minutes. Not how I play, but a neat change of pace. Adds another variable to the poker equation. Thanks!!!

P.S. I play in a tournament once a month at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, Ohio. If you have patches let me know I’ll have my wife sew it onto my favorite polo. Would be happy to rep replaypoker.

Yeah for sure it is crazy sometimes, many players (including myself) take more risk during the rebuy period, bets are often higher and you play hands you would fold without rebuy, you have to think fast, love it!!

Only it is often difficult to switch back to your normal play style after the rebuy period, that is the period to win the prizes with good play again.

Thanks for the offer jonatmidway, we’re currently in the process of getting some swag sorted out, so we’ll definitely consider getting some patches made up too.