Android App Feedback and Suggestions

I would like to have a button that allows me to switch to full screen, when I leave a table and the material/alert dialog appears, it goes to full screen until clicked.

My tablet has a resolution of 2560x1600, the playing cards are very small, the “player seats” with the avatar and name also look very small. Please give us the option to scale the playing cards and “seats” independently. I think only a webview is used, with a ConstraintLayout you can easily make a UI that adapts well to the different screen resolutions.

My tablet has a very large battery, but I can’t play MTTs in the app. When my tablet battery is fully charged, I can easily play for 8 hours and even longer if I make the screen darker. It might also be possible to participate in MTTs on mobile in the web browser, so this is a limitation in the app that I can’t really understand. Please give us the opportunity to take part in MTTs in the app as well. Warn users that such a tournament can take a long time if they want to register for an MTT from the app.

One more think, here in the VIP membership infosite(German):

The following text is shown in German:
“Wir wissen nicht was wir übersetzen sollen!”
What means:
“We don’t know what to translate!”

I don’t know if the translators didn’t have enough information to translate this and/or if this is a mistake.

Nice that there is ReplayPoker, I like to play here from time to time, GG, see you at the tables

Hallo Takafusa, wo hast du Wir wissen nicht was wir übersetzen sollen!“ gefunden bitte, ist das nur vom Android app ?


On the website where you can order VIP access. I have simply attached a screenshot, pictures say more than words.

“German Translation”
Auf der Webseite wo man den VIP-Zugang buchen kann. Ich hab einfach mal einen Screenshot angehängt, Bilder sagen mehr als Worte.

<div class="col-sm-4">
	<div class="plan monthly_subscription">
		<h3>Monatliche Mitgliedschaft</h3>
		<div class="pricing">...</div
		<div class="heading> !!!Here is it!!!

Hi @Takafusa,

Thanks for sending the screenshot, I sent it over to our Tech Team to be fixed, so sorry about that!

Regarding our mobile app, we understand that it has limitations, particularly not being able to play tournaments. We do plan to add more of the main site’s functionality to the mobile app in the future though, but our top priority right now is to improve the gaming experience of our browser version. We appreciate your feedback, and please let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.


Using a tablet, it is best IMO to go the the Replay site. GL at the tables !!

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