The screen sizes

Currently the screen size is really awkward to say the least, can you guys work on making it ajustable or like 1/4 of the screen size. I would really like to play 4 games at a time with ease. Thanks

If you go into your Display settings of your programs, you can adjust your screen there.

Click on (Start) then (Control Panel) then (Appearance) then (Display) - Adjust screen resolution

Rivermango, we’re working on this now. We’re going to replace the flash game client with an html5 client which you’ll be able to more easily resize and play multiple tables at once, if you so wish. Should be live before the end of the year (it’s a big project!).

Oh, a split screen. My bad. Anyways, why would anyone want to play 4 games at one time.

Oh well.

Cool, i cant wait

Yeah 4 sounds a lot, but some people play as many as 8 or more! :s

The problem with that is when others are in more than one game, we have to wait for them to play there turn. In which will cause them to time out. Waiting is no fun when the table is full of members. Most will leave if this happens.

Remember!! There are others locked out of games because players are playing more than one game.

Ctrl -

We managed to find a way to resize the poker game table by resizing the pop-up browser window. Seems to work great!