Maximize Table On Screen

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can maximize your table screen or put it on full screen? Especially when you’re on a laptop things can be a little hard to see or read. I think this is an option allot of people will like. Even if you don’t like it, it’s just optional. Shouldn’t be hard to realize either. Opinions? Thanks

Yes it would be nice when you can make your table bigger and smaller and full screen.

This is good timing. We’re working on a new design for ReplayPoker and at the same time we’re going to update the table screen. I believe there’s a way you can resize flash to fill the screen, so if it’s possible we’ll make sure it’s added in the next version.

Good news Paul. Nice to see that the team keeps working to improve the site.

I play on a netbook, i found that pressing F11 when in the table screen makes it full screen and you can see everything, if i try without F11 then i cant see all the buttons or chat, hope this helps in the meantime!

when i get to a table i would like to make it bigger as far as the hole picture. like maximize. this option would be great.

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Now RP dont have a game in option for thet.

Change your monitor resolution may help a bit.

I hope you dont mind I merge your question here. This idea need a bump anyway. TX

Ctrl +

I dont think flash is a future way to go, HTML5 is the future of the web. Make the gameplay HTML5 and we’ll all be happy.

RP work on it.

HTML5 would be awesome, but unfortunately anything less than IE9 doesn’t support it, and that includes 30% of our players.

You said b4, you do it… or just for mobile

Well why not that if browser is HTML5 capable, it runs HTML5 of game, it its not it runs flash (YouTube has something like that)

When you log in and your still on the home page change your zoom level (its in lower right corner of IE) to 125% then go to a table

the table will be nearly full screen

if u cant make the tables larger at least make the cards larger. disabled nam vet, losing eyesight. love playing cards

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I hope you dont mind I merge your question/idea here. This idea need a bump anyway. TX

We’re planning on building a brand new table which you’ll be able to more easily maximise on any browser. Stay tuned for updates!

its been over a year since this was suggested? whats up?

Unfortunately the resources of RP is limited. at least 4 tech guy work on RP in a daily basis. I think they do a good job . RP have less bug, lots of new ideas implemented, the users in play grow every day. ( regardless is summer now, usually less player this time of the year) The idea-s and problems have priority.I think still like over 100 in the line. Be patient . :slight_smile: