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Every time I have opened a table (ring) since this morning, the default has changed such that it cuts off the right-most player. I never had this issue until today. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Sure, I can resize the table screen, but that isn’t the point. Previously, when opening a table, the entire table and players were fully visible without the need to resize (or maximize). Now it seems a new default causes the screen to open narrower than before, thus cutting off the player in the far-right seat. Is this change attributable to the “update” that also prompted us to change our password? Is this update a precursor to the HTML5? I would ask that someone from the staff please look into this and give us an update.

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Having the same issue!

That is happening but if you click the maximising box (top right, little box in middle) it maximises the table and eliminates the issue.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve been playing the omaha hi/lo promo all day and if I sit in the wrong seat, I can’t even see all my cards until I resize it. Happens every time I open a ring table, but hasn’t been a problem in MTTs.

Mobile users dont have minimize or maximize… they can stretch a table, but cannot shrink it. I have not played today but plan to. Is this a PC or Mobile or both issue???

Mobile users would have to be using the Photon browser or the Puffin Browser to play and no mention has been made with regards to those browsers so I’m guessing it’s only a PC or Laptop issue. The test tables are loading ok.

I’ve just tested on my ipad using photon browser and there wasn’t a problem.

I’ve tested on PC using chrome and firefox and the problem exists on both browsers but is fixed if you maximise. And yes, the problem only seems to exist on the ring tables.

Actually, I’ve been noticing this in the freeroll MTTs for about a week. I figured it was me and just stretched the table out a bit. No doubt the tech team will look at it.

Hmm, every since I’ve been playing here it has defaulted like that (cutting the right side off).
I’ve just always grabbed the bottom right corner and drag to fill up the screen and figured everyone had to do the same.

Thanks for letting us know! Could anyone please share a screenshot of what you mean so I can pass it over to the tech team? I just opened some tables and wasn’t able to figure out how to replicate it.

This is what I’ve always seen until I resize it.

Before yesterday, when I opened a table, it was slightly wider than what your picture shows and included the entire table including all players and hands with no manipulation necessary. Since then, they open just as your picture shows, cutting off the right most player.

I was thinking maybe it’s a browser thing so I tried it in Slimjet and it looked the same but then I opened a table in Internet Explorer and it opens about the same size but doesn’t cut off the right side.
What browser are you using Tony?

I’ve always used Firefox. Never had this issue before yesterday.

Evidently the issue has been resolved. Late Tuesday afternoon, the table windows began opening as before. Since then every table I have opened has shown the full table. Thanks tech team for debugging this little problem!!!

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It’s the same for me but I dont mind since I always need to resize it.
I would really like to see the new tables redesigned to fill a 16:9 monitor when hitting full screen as johnlittle has discussed in another thread.

johnlittle manipulated a screen grab and posted it in a private thread to show what he thinks would be a better layout for a normal 16:9 monitor (I couldn’t agree more)…I feel sure it’s fine to post here


Thanks Randy , I like the look of that better. Now just remove all the green around the table…lol

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