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to all mods again… I am playing at replay for several years now and i have seen lots of indecent behaviour , dirty talk , chipdumping and a lot more inappropriate behaviour through the years. I admit that it is a whole lot better than it was then. But in every decent society people are given a second opportunity. What I read in Ballacks question is a promise to behave better and if not give him the lifetime ban. Thats his own proposal. Let some people first look to themselves before judging another. dozier15

well happiness u turned out a great friend but now u turned on me i would like u 2 name all these players then u so call left this site because of me,u gave me 4th last chance on ballack i did nothing wrong on ballack i got an instant mute over 1 mod because he dislikes me me come on thats the truth i did not abuse on ballack since i came on with this account i never have as i got an instant mute and chat ban with in a week of comming back with this account so 4th chance on ballack is rubbish i never got a chance on this account sorry u feel this way to me happy but u only doing ur job well done keep up ur good work i am PROUD of u :))

different name, same ■■■■ behind the computer