well i would like to know who exactly reported my private messages cause i have the right to know. another thing how is it right for the moderators to cut down and make fun of people’s screenname’s like you do marcipan but it is wrong for me to private message someone can anyone answer that? see to block me from writeing everyone on my friends is wrong should the person not want to received the messages should be able to block the person they dont want to private message them! wow i think i just found a solution to the blocking private messages, maybe i should become a moderator!!! I honestly feel marcipan should not be a moderator because i was told by one of my friends on here he makes fun of her screen name all the time. and now because i made a private message to someone who is a friend of marcipan i got banded from private messages! NOT A GOOD MODERATOR! their not supposed to play favorites???

Learn to insult players without 4 letter words and in a kind and gentle manner and you will be unbanned. Is unbanned a word??? Well, would they know in Vassar MI?? Just an example!!

u gotta be gentle with them bob. ur too rough with pummlr. he just a lil guy and u great big american.

Marci is bloody fine moderator, his job is not to treat your ego!

maric is one of the best mods on this site pity others didnt follow him site would be a lot better ,this is not aimed at all mods its only selected few of u mods who need to be taught how 2 treat players with more respect :slight_smile:

Thanks, I realy aprisiate your support.

I understand be a mod its like be a policeman a bit. Some people like you around, some hate you from miles away. One mod might let it be, another might mute or ban on the spot. I think this is natural though, some cops here ( In Hungary) would give you a ticket if you have no lights on your bike, others would just tell you, yet again another cop would ignore it all together. Does that make them hypocrits or wrong? I think not, it just makes some stricter than others. After all, we’re still human beings and therefor have our own opinions and react in a different manner. I say: Respect and be Respected.

One thing is bother me about this only

" i was told by one of my friends on here he makes fun of her screen name all the time." I did ask around the other moderators if they ever noted this or similar.

I like to ask all of you if have any info about this , please share it with support@replaypoker.com

Thank you and regards to all!

so here i am again too everyone that thinks i ask for a second chance on this site i never sent any requests foranyone to unblock me from this site honestly i could care a less anymore, i dont care what people think about me includeing the other mods that said i requested to get un blocked from this site to every one that knows me knows i would never do that marcipan contacted me befor i came back on here i am no ones ■■■■■ never have been never will be i dont give a ■■■■ about this site honestly

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wow marcipan you really unband me from pm and chat good job at not doing what you say you would as usual

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