Adopt a Donk

The good news about all the bonuses is we earn extra chips at the end of the month. The bad news is bonuses attract donks. Recently I had an epiphany.

After a long hard day of bad beats and suckouts waged against me by the donks I became real depressed. I called my analyst, explained to her again that donks are like root fungus, and begged for more Wellbutrin. She of course wrote another script and sent it to Wallmart but while writing it she made this plea to me that donks were humans too. I yessed her to death and hung up. Dismissing her advice I took some Trazadone and drifted off.

I woke up today and thought of what she said, “donks are humans to” and realized she was right! Yep, she was dead on right. Donks are human. So as a result, I beckon all of you to adopt a donk. Yes, let’s all adopt a donk. And so that we don’t adopt the same donk we should have a Donk Registry. When you adopt a donk, list the donk’s name.

The goal of adopting a donk, of course, is to over a period of time teach them. Explain what Fold means. Tell them it is a good thing. Ah… and then we should… ah… explain they should… oh, I seem to be drifting… gee that Prosac was strong… good night… SNORE…

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Great idea Scratch-you can adopt me anytime you wish.

Buckeye, you are an adopter, not an adoptee.

BTW, tune in later this week for: “Donks, Double Dippers, and the Disturbingly Drastic Double Digit Addition”. You know Joe Dirk brought up some insidious developmental slight of hand last week, but I have discovered other truths, and worse, I am one of the GUILTY ONES!!!

I try to be very helpful to the donks and point out to them exactly what they did wrong and how they could have played the hand better, and yet they never seem to appreciate the advice! Go figure…

More appropriate thread.

Remember we all started play poker learn and continue to do in all our life.
Try to make a good fun out of it.
Try drop prosac and other stuff…

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Good call!

I like to think of the Monopoly example: Nobody reads the rules, so very few people have ever played it right, and most people hate it as a result. Something so many folks played as kids, played it all wrong, 'cause nobody took the time to help 'em figure it out.