The people here

I used to play pokerstars but left a couple of years ago due to all the donks and jerks.
I received an email from them promoting a charity tourney that required a 1M chip buy in.
I had close to 2M still in the bank so I thought sure, might as well since they were donating $10 to the charity for the 1st 5000 that registered.
28 minutes in I just left my chips on the table…total whacko chaos!
LOTS of people going all in pre-fold with absolute garbage (ie 7-2 o).
I know people complain about bad play and donks here but the next time you get frustrated with them, just go spend 5 minutes on pokerstars. :relaxed:


Was playing the 12:15 am Royal Game. I was doing OK and was moved to another table. There was a player — that went ALL-IN EVERY HAND PRE-FLOP. He is ranked 1,050. Every now and then a player called ALL-IN with him/her. One called with AA – he had K 10 and caught KKK. A few hands later, I called his ALL-IN … I had K K … he had 10 J and caught quad 10’s. The odds are this just doesn’t happen. It’s one of the main reasons I quit buying chips here. I have lost waaaay too many times to stupid bets, by higher ranked players that hit the river to beat me. It is one of the most frustrating Poker Sites I have ever played on. I WILL NEVER buy any more chips. I log on daily, get my free chips and log on again after mid-night, get more free chips and play the 12:15 game - almost every night. Last 3 nights I finished 3-2-3.
When I earn 100,000 chips, I play some other games and almost immediately lose to stupid bets that hit the river. I thought this was a fair game, but, it proves to me, over and over that it is not. You have taken The Exception to the rule and made it Common place … for high ranked players and players who bet stupidly.

I don’t doubt that is your experience my friend but I can assure you every single night I can find a table of friends that all have mutual respect for each other (even tho most are better players than I), all have better than average bankrolls and it’s almost always a good time for all.
We do occasionally have a disruptive player show up (as you described above) but we collectively usually show him quickly he’s not at the right table.
Look me up some night between 8:30 and midnight ET and see if you agree :relaxed:


I did that once when I accidentally registered for a Royal game…

When I played on that site, tournaments were 10-minute rounds and players played poker. At the time I left every chip tounament game went to turbo (5-minute rounds) or hyperturbo (3-minute rounds), which necessitated the all-in on anything mentality. It’s one reason I stopped playing chip action at that site. If you’re going to play sensible poker, you need time to learn and play. At the speed on that site, it’s anything but good poker, at least when it comes to chip action.