Experience, Observations, Grievances, Comments and Suggestions

  1. I enjoy playing the Bankroll B&R Tournaments however, I play a number of various tournaments and have numerous issues concerning the manner with which the software fails to function correctly.
    (I am not alone regarding these serious annoyances.)
    Timing Errors and response to User Interface
    When you enter the Tourney your Username does not appear immediately, nor do any other players at the table. You simply have a seat number assigned which has no indication regarding your “handle.” (Player name or title) It simply states: player number 1, 2, 3 etc. or seat 1, 2, and 3 etc. It puts you at an unsettling disadvantage because you don’t know where you’re sitting. It creates an air of confusion hence there is a delay in getting situated. Once the players I.D. appears you most frequently must adjust your seat position. The former software allowed you to go either clockwise or counter clockwise to be seated. (e.g.) If I prefer seat 4 because the controls are nearest to my cards, but have been assigned to seat 5, I now must go “x#” of clicks clockwise to get to my seat rather than 1 click counter clockwise to get there quickly. Another point in the real world at a casino…you don’t have cards dealt to you before you’re seated. You also have an option to either be dealt in to the hand if you’re not in the big or small blind region / position and can opt to wait until after the button.
    When I have cards dealt prior to taking a seat I frequently get my cards folded having been timed out while attempting to get situated. It is particularly annoying if the cards dealt appear to be a good strong hand.
    Typically you can acquire more chips before you begin to play in addition to the starting number of chips designated. (Rebuy) This is yet another timing error. It would not and does not happen in a real casino. You can request to be dealt in before your chips arrive.
    I understand the concept of balancing the tables in order that each table has relatively the same number of players to be fair. If you’re playing a hand that hasn’t finished, the floor-man would never reseat or move you to a different table before you’ve seen the river and the results i.e. who won and the hand that was called what cards they held etc. This error occurs frequently at Replay, even if I won the hand but haven’t seen the last card dealt. (River) This simply never happens in a casino in the real world. This is a serious timing error and is extremely annoying.
    Yet another issue that happens much too often is, the screen does not refresh from the previous hand and you see one or more community cards remaining on the table while cards are being dealt for the new hand. Those cards stay there all through the current hand and the turn will appear below the flop and the river card will cover up the turn card. This event is quite disturbing, annoying and completely unacceptable.
    A round of betting begins before you have received and seen the cards dealt to you. (Hole Cards)
    There is a time lag or delay before you are dealt into the hand. How are you supposed to bet, call or fold or whatever before you see your cards. Everyone else around the table has been visibly dealt their hole cards except me. Often you timed out folded and need to sit back in, losing the chance to play the hand. This again is contrary to strict poker rules in a casino. The dealer deals the cards to each player before any betting starts and everyone must wait their turn in order for the game to proceed correctly.

If I’m waiting to see my cards I get timed out, my hand is automatically folded before I’ve even had a chance to see them. In a casino a player can make a request for time, (approx. 20 seconds) to decide if they want to play that hand or not.
It’s not an issue with my computer being old and slow or internet connection issues, because it works quite well as I have a rather current level of memory both virtual and physical installed. If I see the other players getting their cards in a timely manner or not, why do I get my cards late? I have seen others cards hover above the table before they descend in front of them.
Often while playing a hand the system simply folds my hand and I need to “sit back in” before proceeding. Today I was playing a rather large hand involving a substantial number of chips. I know I had the winning hand but was folded and no explanation of who won or how much and I feel cheated. These issues must be addressed, corrected and PDQ. There has been a great deal of errors overlooked and untested although it normally would be a required procedure, before new software is implemented. It is so enormously frustrating when these errors occur during a game. The timing error regarding rebalancing tables occurs, being relocated to another table before the current hand is complete. This is entirely unacceptable. This NEVER happens at a real casino. It is beyond being called an anomaly it is a serious failure. The numerous times that errors occur during a tournament is ridiculous. If I was one of the software programmers I would be embarrassed and likely fired for incompetence. As of this moment these errors have not yet been corrected. That fact alone should be impetus enough to light a fire under a few persons’ bottoms. I’ve enjoyed playing at this poker website for a few years, but now it is becoming a source of anger and frustration beyond reproach. I could continue with a number of other glitches that occur but, they should be self-evident and I am becoming rather tired of it as I like to play poker for fun and relaxation. I have a number of friends on this site having experienced the same problems and discussed them at length. The same errors that I’ve mentioned here, issues that could be prevented by means of careful attention to detail. Please take these issues seriously as they are critical timing lags as well as timing rushes that must be corrected ASAP. I do not wish anyone involved to take it as a personal assault, however someone must be held accountable to make all of the necessary corrections in the opcode. I understand from experience the vast undertaking involved in an update / upgrade of existing software. Improvement must be made not the reversal. I’ve played poker for more than 50 years and have played in the largest poker casino in the world located just south of Los Angeles City limits in L. A. County, the Commerce Casino hosting WSOP as well as other large tournaments on the world circuit
Get on it by taking the steps required. I swear this is the most “User Friendly” poker site on the World Wide Web. Live up to that calling as if your life and livelihood depends on it, because it does. People here care enough to be treated to a fun and fair gaming experience. The players have earned it, deserve it and stand to support it
Roy A. Meyer aka: “Ace_Nevada.”
P.S. This afternoon at 2:15 p.m. PDST I was knocked out of the game Bankroll Builder B&R due to the game going into a freezing state or lock up. I did not see the hand that I had gone “All In” with but did have plenty of play chips to continue with a rebuy however, once again was timed out for not rebuying within the allotted time while everyone was experiencing the identical screen freeze. Check it out you might be able to see it for yourself I don’t know. It was extremely annoying after waiting to play in that time slot. (9 seats / table)