600 chips

I logged on just now and i recieved 600 bonus chips??? I was getting 3000 for the lst few weeks due to being a VIP member,what’s up?

The maximum bonus chips received daily is indeed 3,000 for Premium members, but this is dependent on you logging into the site every day. If you fail to log in on one day you revert back to the minimum 600 chips, which will increase each day when you log in consecutively until you again receive the maximum of 3000.
Hope this helps.


Believe me, this is true! I have made this mistake a few times, and I am always so sad to see my chips drop back to the starting amount. But in just a few days, it’s all back to normal and I forget the sorrow, much as I do when I lose in a big tournament. Out of sight, out of mind–live to play poker another day!