if i dont give friens names i cant get chips this is bs

errr , its not like thet.

You can get 2500 chips from the “bank”

Invite your friends is just one option to get extra chips, over what the bank you can get.You dont have to .

And a daily bonus i made a copy for you, you find it on your home page, right under your friends list, named Latest News.

Daily Bonus

The new Daily Bonus is our way of saying thank you to our regular players. Here’s how it works: Every day you visit ReplayPoker we award you with bonus chips. The size of the bonus starts at 500 chips and builds up over consecutive day to a maximum of 2500 chips after five days. After 5 days, if you keep visiting each day, you’ll continue to receive 2500 bonus chips. If you miss a day, then you’ll start over again at Day 1 and 500 chips.

The Daily Bonus is nice! Gotta love it!