2500 chips not being added--shows block on screen, but chip count remains the same

Yesterday and today when I logged on to RP, the 2500 chips were not added to my total. Don’t know how long it’s been happening, but didn’t notice till yesterday.

Hi corjunkie

You get the pop-up about it and you can click on the x to get it away to get your daily bonus?

Best is to send an email to support@replaypoker.com. or send a message by using the ? in the header. Andrew can check it and send you the logs or solve it.

I tested it and i get the pop-up every day, only sometimes it disappears without clicking it away, but it comes back later and than i can click on the x to close it and i get my daily bonus.

Please let me know. Greetings Happiness.

Hit the refresh button on your browser and voila…you’ll see your 2500 chips added to your total.

cortjunkie, did you see the daily chip pop-up? When you see that the chips are already in your account, we even tell you what your bank was before and it is now. I checked your account and you’ve got the award for 93 days in a row, including today.

If pop up blocked by say… adblock, its still aded to the acc, right? So, the pop up not related to the chips in any way, right? Im sure

Yeah it wouldn’t make a difference marcipan, as the daily bonus, actually isn’t a pop-up in the sense of a new browser window, it’s what they call an ‘overlay’ but I think that term might confuse players, hence I used pop-up.