Free chips

curious as to why when we log in everyday to play, it says you have won 500 or 1500 or 2500 in chips. yet the chips never seem to get added to acount.

Hi Marcus,

They get added to your account as soon as you hit the page, so the amount is already showing in the top-right corner with the bonus included. I double checked your account and can confirm each time you got the bonus it was added correctly. I think we can change it though to make it clearer that the bonus has been credited to your account, because as things stand now, if you’re not aware of exactly how many chips you had before, you might not realise it had been added. I’ll talk to the team to discuss.

Cheers, Paul.

previously we got on home page the earned awards… may thet can be bring back on "get chips " page. but sorter. Including any superrewards too. Then all can be tracked by players too.