1 Million Entry Tourneys -To play or not?

Having played 20 One Million entry tournies on replay it was time to take a look at my performance. I cashed in 4 but never finished 1st or 2nd. in a 5th I got 243750 for a KO and just missed out on cashing-7th out of 33. For a total investment of 20million I had a return of 14,316,656 meaning a loss of 5,683,344. My average placing was 13.5 out of 33.05{ average field}. I made 8 final tables with most unfortunate being 8/43 where i had forced all in 1 turn in front of my then 8th placed opponent-I was unable to win the pot.
Overall I’d rate my performance as Competitive and perhaps a little unlucky.
Should I continue to play 1 mil tournies-the answer for me atleast in the short term is no as I get better results in 100 to 500k tournies and seem to enjoy them more. This is probably because the pressure on my Bankroll from 1 mil tournies is significant. For the majority of the time I have been playing 1 Mil tournies my bankroll has been between 20 and 28 million. My suggestion to others is to wait till you have a bankroll of 40million before you have a go. Ps Hope this is helpful and good luck at the tables. kind regards Raver4199

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hi raver4199… I play in 5 privets invite league games… on replay… have been playing here 6 ywars now… we all have winning streaks and losing streak’s… I suggest you play games your bank can afford… and when your on your next winning streak… go ahead and up your buy inn… but if your losing… don’t beat a dead horse…

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You have 20 million chips, you should not be playing those stakes. The variance in tournaments is too high and you need at the minimum 75 buy ins (75 million in your bankroll), 100 buy ins should be ideal.

You should be playing at the 250k MTTs level or lower.

For cash games at the minimum is 30 buy ins or 50 but the ideal is always 100 buy ins or more

Forgot to add that you can also take shots at bigger buy in tournaments just be prepare to lose buy ins. For example; you build your bank roll to 25 million playing at your normal stakes of 250k MTTs. You can take 5 shots at a 500k MTT buy in or 2-3 shots at a 1 million MTT buy in.