A Question?

What do you think or feel,when a guy get so much luck,5 times in a row,you do nothing wrong,yes i get lucky too! Sometimes it feels skills dont matter,i know in the long run it does! To be patience,not easy all the time :slight_smile:

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Patience is the hardest part! I try not to begrudge another player a lucky streak. I just love those when they come to me!


wonder why I can’t get that lucky. hardly get lucky 1 time in a row, let alone 5 times in a row. another reason its hard accept that its " random"


Have you read a few books about poker? It helps! Let me know if you want suggestions.


The greatest challenge in poker is mastering your emotions. Have fun and enjoy. When it’s not, take a break, your turn will most assuredly come


When someone appears to be enjoying a remarkable run of high hands, it’s helpful to look at their chips balance and how long they’ve been on the site. You might well find that they have very little in the bank and have been on the site for months if not years. In which case, they are very low-skill players.


I’ve also seen players been on site for years and not much of a bankroll, yet they can just hit hand after hand like its nothing. it doesn’t matter what 2 cards or what they are up against.