Tournament fee

I think (and another one :)… we need to reduce (or limit) tournament fee, when buy-in is hi (eg. 250k) . its look like tax for fools (to big).

Yep! They are “steelin’ when they shoulda been buyin’”. Uriah Heep

yes, they made a big mistake

Usually like on lock poker, tourny fee’s are added onto the entry fee. Like if it is a 10k buy in it would cost 10k +1.5k to enter the tourny, so i think that the fee needs to be changed so that it does not cut into our earnings.

Thanks for the comment, if it’s 9.1k + 910 or 10k + 1k, does it really make a difference? The point being that the tourney fee is 10% regardless.

Thanks for the comments guys. We’ve only just introduced rake and tourney fees and we want to make it fair to everyone, so we’re all for changes that make sense. Would someone like to propose a different system to a flat rate 10% tourney fee? Can anyone refer to other fee structures, perhaps on real money sites, that they think are fairer? Let us know your thoughts, we’re here to listen!

10k + 1k thets less fee% then 9k +1k . But I like the idea to make it 10k +1 k , much more clear. And because about 1% less fee, this may make happy the Mr “flower” guy. :wink:

lets limit fee to max 10K, we pay huge fee for someone who get chips every 5min and then play all-in

Thanks sarkozi for the suggestion, anyone else care to comment?

I agree with sarkozi, with a high buy-in the fee for a tourney is too big. You can limit it (10k) or decrease the fee % from tourney’s with a high buy-in.

Tourney’s 100k or less 10% fee. Tourney;s 100.001 - 499.999 7,5% fee Tourney’s 500k and higher 5% fee.

In the weekends we have tourney’s buy-in 250k and sometimes 500k or 1 million. The fee 25k, 50k and 100k is too high.

Tourney 250k, 7,5% fee is 18,75k (now 25k) Tourney 500k, 5% fee is 25k (now 50k) Tourney 1 million 5% fee is 50k (now 100k)

thanks Hap, u always clear up my mind :slight_smile:

u missed the point Mr.elf :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion happiness… we’ll set something up like that then.

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

We just updated our tournament fee rules, following the suggestion described by Happiness.

Thank for the feedback and suggestions :slight_smile: