Why online poker isnt rigged?


Sorry, dont get it, thay did exactly just like that. Gamingassociates Is a independent company, amnd did gather hands for 1-2 weeks ( sorry , dont remember exactly)


Couldn’t agree more. This just sums it up nicely. I never spent a dime either and built a bankroll of over 20M (I feel a bit guilty about it tough :stuck_out_tongue:). At times I do get bad beats over bad beats and it seems to be never ending streaks of river suck outs but it finally ends. And then I get super lucky on occasional streaks and have a tendency to feel it’s bound to happen since I’m such a great player :smiley:

What I mean by that is that your memory will remember very well loosing streaks but will erase winning streaks. Also you can’t be result oriented, as JoeDirk once wrote here poker is a short time luck game but a long time skill one (not sure it’s verbatim but I’m guessing he won’t mind). Watch you replays (since the name is RP c’mon!) thoroughly and you’ll get better.

And this site is about having fun and getting better that’s it. You’re not competing against professional grinders since there’s nothing to grind here. Not happy? Well go play some micro and low stakes and you’ll have the same doubts about fairness and randomness, bingo players and what not. Except there you’ll lose real money (or win if you’re good).


I think no company will give access to their code
and there is no guarantee that they will give the code that is actually running on their server.
Added to that there is no formal method to prove the correctness (or non evilness) of programs

At one point you mentioned user input as randomizer of your algorithm.
That is problematic because 1. user input is not random, 2. what you need is a random seed
which has a simpler solution like taking a numeric hash of timestamp.

Overall I agree with your approach though


But if your a HIGH ROLLER replay takes good care of your cards—lol


Wait, I read others complain differ

Not the pp who start play?


Not the pp who buy chips?


Not the pp who not buy chips?


Not the pp who not complain in this forum?


Not the pp with high chip count?


Not the pp who play good poker?

and so on, I may edit that l8er.

Seams to me every single person fall in one or the other group of complaints

Lighting up, get a grip, get back from the moon to with your unfounded complaints.

Anyway, I take your chips whatever your group.


There is no algorythem in my approach, and I also said 'helper randomizer", which means it is only a part of the overall randomization process.

PS- you can try and take my chip anytime Marcipan… hehehe…lol


U keep talking about everything but what— I said REPLAY takes care of
there HIGH ROLLERS, and some even sponsers for them.


Me? ME?
People talking about. Actually its about less then 1% complainers say the same as you.
As clear, pp complain about one and the other side too.

Untill the coplainers not agree and cant see the pattern clearly, your comment is utterly useless, has less value then flush down a toilet.

Please grow up.


Your still walking around what I am talking about, and as for growing up I
been playing this game HOLDUM LIVE for over 40 yrs before u people made it
popular, so don’t be telling me to grow up u need to, and further more I
never see flops and turns, and rivers like I do online, there made for u
high rollers–have a nice day.


It just seems that the HIGH ROLLERS seem to get cards at the right time, thanks to replay, but if u ask the high roller he or she will tell u no just good----what a joke.


It sure is rigged, everytime I try to get higher they make sure I do not, cause they want to keep the high rollers were there at ------ AFTER ALL THEY SPONSER REPLAY, have a nice day.


Could you define “high rollers”?


@tenreps69 Add to @Qu4l0 question, please define how this so called “high rollers” “SPONSER REPLAY” ?
Also, please light me up how that would make any good for RP.

If you cant answear, please just leave, quit to comment here, also I suggest you to choose ather hobby, as clearly, you not good at this one.


Thanks for the reply, it worked I got to ya.


For those of you who think that Replay Poker doesn’t manipulate the play you’re either very naïve or you haven’t played enough hands to be able to see how the cards, and play in general, are manipulated.
For one thing, the cards that are folded preflop influence the subsequent flop, turn, and river. This is easily observable if you play enough hands.

The “proof” that Replay provides insofar as the randomness of play is no proof at all. It just says that the cards are shuffled at a different site. It says nothing about how the play is programmed by Replay.

I have complained many many times about the lack of randomness in the play. Again, if you play the site a lot you can see the number of times that the play simply fails the test of “randomness”.

My reward for my complaints has been the complete manipulation of my cards, hands, and total play by Replay. I used to win tournaments with some regularity–it’s a miracle if I can compete now.

Replay no longer returns my messages I send to Support. They no longer deny that the cards are manipulated by their Program.



The best players in the world only get to the final table of their events around 4-15% of the time. (depending on total # of buy-ins) So either: 1) You’re a god at this game 2) Your luck has run out, or 3) You’re lying.


I suppose my “luck” at the tables has to do with the fact that I’ve played for a few years and I play a lot. I have won dozens of tournaments. Anyway, I’m not a God and not lying. This is not the essence of my message, however.
My message is to convey the fact that Replay manipulates the cards, the hands, and the total play with its programming. It also has the ability to manipulate individual’s play.
This observation is not hard to make if one has played thousands of hands with Replay. Winning really has nothing to do with luck here–it has to do with how the cards and hands are manipulated within their Program.
They can’t admit this obviously but they can punish those of us who complain about it.


There’s simply no motive to rig the deck in favor of a particular group, and every reason not to jeopardize the percieved integrity of the site by doing so.

Divide players into 2 groups: those who buy chips and those who don’t.

Skewing the deck to benefit those who buy chips makes no sense. If this group loses, they might buy more chips. If the think the deck is rigged against them, they won’t. Why wouldn’t the powers that be simply give these players more chips for their money and avoid pissing everyone off?

Showing favor to those who don’t buy chips makes no sense. Why on earth would the site punish those who buy chips and keep them in business? They would do this to reward the freeloaders who use system resources and never contribute a dime? I mean, really?

As i have said before, I do believe that many shuffles can never come up. The pRNG generates a seed based on the system clock, and there are many more possible shuffles than ticks on the system clock in a day. If this is the case, we all have the same chance, even though the statistical distribution of hands might be a little off.


I concur !!!