Set up

why does this game have to be fix sets u up to fail what happen to real cards sure can tell its a computer

i know what u mean bandit and if replaypoker dont fix this soon players are going to stop playing

here is a example hand happen to me last night one player flops a straight to king

i flop ace high flush player hit the straight went all in and course i call i mean who wouldnt call and like magic the player went all in hits straight flush on the turn

Please read this topic, since this is an almost identical question:


I know you react on everything to spit your poisson here about the site.

The game is poker, you can win on flop, turn or on river. With a lot of players (means a lot of cards also) in the hand a lot combinations is possible.

I watched the hand, with a flop like that and 8 players in the hand after the flop, a straight is possible, flush is possible (even more players with a flus) and straight flush is possible.

The site (the only site with play chips who did that) is tested and it has a certificat, players can see there is fair play here. I know you said earlier that even the certificat was fake, but i do not think a site put a fake certicicat on the site.


Talking about unlikelyhood; in a real card game, how many from the 8 active players from a 10 seat-table are likely to see the flop? Really all 10? No. It’s not likely all 10 players play.

And precisely this behaviour causes the statistics to go off. Unconventional play, causes unconventional hands to win.

It’s easy as that, and added to that, there are more reasons you would think the game is rigged.

And I quote this from the topic I linked to before;

There are numerous reasons why the deal will sometimes not appear to be random:

Firstly, playing online you will be dealt far more hands than in a casino – (approximately 55 – 75 hands per hour online vs. 25 in a casino).

Secondly, a few hundred hands or even a couple of thousand, do NOT represent a meaningful sampling of hands, at least 30–40 thousand hands are required to begin to form a meaningful sample.

Also, we tend to NOTICE strange events far more than normal events, for instance, when we lose two tough hands in a short period with KK or AA, we feel that this is very improbable. However, we tend not to notice when our 67 beats KK and our 44 beats AA – In other words we attribute greater significance to events that are against us and tend not to notice when we are the beneficiaries of the same luck in our favor.

Players online tend to play far more hands, which means often there are more players seeing the flop and players stay in hands online longer, this all results in many more bad beats for the favored hand – because there are more players drawing against the best hand.

A concrete example of the above is … In Holdem, AA against a random hand might be a 65 % favorite, against 2 hands, a 60 % favorite against 3 hands about 50 % and so on. The more hands drawing against you and the longer they stay in the hand, the more likely the best hand will lose.

i like the site and i like to play

however if the RNG is not fixed and players keep losing no matter what they flop or hit on turn or hit on river

keep losing over and over and over players are going get frustrated and never play again

i used to play a lot on here on the ring tables and mtt but when i started losing no matter what kind of hand i hit and have limited play on here i am sure there are other players that have done the same

the “test” replaypoker had preform for fair and randomness and passed according to gaming associates

if it is “FAIR FOR ALL”

then why does replaypoker got players who disagree with this

and the cards being RANDOM replaypoker has players that disagree with this as well

replaypoker will use the certificate as scapegoat for every time person disagree with the cards

very good response Happiness

Well, with 6 players in 1 hand (who stay in untill the river), there are a lot more losers than winners. It is not possible that all 6 players get the cards on turn or river they want. Only 1 (sometimes 2) player wins. That is a part of poker.

use the certificate as scapegoat for every time person disagree with the cards

I think that is a very strange note you made, the certificate is a fact, ReplayPoker did that to show their players the dealing is fair.

AND ReplayPoker is very proud of that.

thats fine but believe me players are going to get so frustrated and not want to play

If you can not take losses, do not play games. Win and lose is a part of games.

And read the comment of floydian80, very useful.

i can take losses

but when its every time and no matter what hand players going get frustrated and not play anymore why would people play when they lose every time no matter what hand they get

You are making good points, floydian80. I’m interested in such probabilities so much that I have developed a program which is able to simulate poker games. You are quite right about the number of random games that make sense: my experience is that one hundred thousand games make an almost exact approximation. I have actually put your example to my program and the result after 100000 random games is that AA has the following performance depending on the number of challenging hands:

1: 85% 2: 73% 3: 62% 4: 54% 5: 47% 6: 41% 7: 36% 8: 32%

This means that up to four challengers going all in with AA pre flop makes sense. Of course in reality you will not face random hands but selected hands (suited cards, connectors, pairs etc.). Making the same calculation with hands that in reality are called all in pre flop does not alter the result in a dramatic way - it is safe to say that up to 3 challengers going all in with AA pre flop is profitable.

I have also made calculation to find out which is the best and worst possible hand to beat AA (apart from AA of course). (I was so interested in this that I have carried out a full rather than random simulation - meaning that I have made the program play all possible games with two players for all possible random hands. Therefore I have with absolute certainty the best non trivial (which is an other AA) and the worst hand against AA. It is also interesting which is the best pair against AA - not KK of course.)

I wonder if you can guess the results…

You are right that the more players staying in the game till showdown increases the height of the winning hand. I have made a simulation which can establish the median winning hand in function of the number of players seeing the showdown (median meaning that in 50% of the cases the winning hand will be stronger and 50% of the cases weaker than the median hand). It turned out that with 9 players the median hand is Three of a Kind of some high broadway card. With ten players it is at least a Straight.

Well, the good thing is…every hand, there is always at least 1 winner!!!

And this is my last comment about it.

i have taken deck of cards dealt out 10 hands

burn a card did flop burn card do turn burn card and did river most of time winning hand was pair or two pairs occasionally 3 kind would hit or the flush or a full house

on replay you have 3 players hit straight another 2 players hit flush and another 2 hit full houses all on same hand