It's not rigged, but sometimes it feels like it is

Post your worst beats here.

I’ll start 746282499


I don’t think it’s rigged, but every now and then, I see an unusual runout…


It really stings when you get zero outed.

120 billion is an impressive stack at what looks like a 25/50 game.

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Yes it is. :slight_smile:


That King of Spades on the river looks a bit fishy to me. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

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I was more focused on SPGs 120 + billion chips :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I have analyzed tens of thousands of hands and found that in 1500% of cases where I flop a set a backdoor draw completes

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I hope you got the bad beat jackpot for that.

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This happens far more than it should

Saw this totally unrigged event happen to Mr. Soup

That dude could not miss … and called and hit rivers like it was nothing … totally ridiculous

here is this hand how played out … i set him up and got my own head handed to me

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Hand #749230680 · Replay Poker

Pocket aces and pocket kings are beaten by off-suit 7 and 4.

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Nice to see :+1:t2:. Pocket aces and kings got spanked !!!

I’m curious was this in a tourney?

Otherwise, just chalk it up that he needed the chips.

This happens far more often than it should #751724293

Dealt high pair
Safe flop
Make standard cbet
Villain shoves several times pot with middle pair
I call because it makes no sense.
He rivers trips

Generally speaking it seems most of the time make an excellent play by calling a nonsensical overbet shove I get punished. It’s not rigged, but come on.

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Imagine believing aces could win

Good thing it’s play money,eh?

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I don’t know why but losing play money bothers me more

Set him up? He went all in…foolishly, but still…he was representing a flush. I don’t see how you are outraged at this