Is this the most unrealistic poker site?

Been playing poker for quite a while. Been here for 5 years or so. When you watch a player at a table repeatedly play loose, but hold on until you have a genuinely strong hand, and you wait for the big fish to grab the bait. You’re AA, flop k56 o/s. You rub your hands, go all in, and he calls with K4. You laugh. He hits a K on the river, you loose 500,000 to a pure bingo player with a 5% chance and a terrible player. Is this really poker?


Everyone thinks thinks their AA is a guaranteed winner. There are no guarantees in poker.


It’s a free site, and you’ve been playing here for five years. In five years time, are you just now asking if this is real poker? It’s free poker and no one has anything to lose here, so they play every hand and if multiple players go to showdown and you’re still betting, then that explains why you get sucked out on. Preflop AA is the best hand. Postflop not necessarily so, especially with multiple players in the hand. AA is just a pair, and many players, even when they play at low stakes for real, don’t understand that.


Welcome back to the forum and wish you the best of luck. I believe you will find at any free poker site the so called Bingo Players. The challenge is to learn how to overcome them and win against them. This may take time and experience to learn. GL at the tables!


@Anonymouse05 I watched the hand that prompted you to make this post. AA against K6C in the 1k2k game you made it 100k 50x big blind, and a player with a ranking over 13k called you, this is a nothing burger, wipe off your shoes and get back in there, you played that hand right. This happens all the time. You will have weeks that this happens and weeks the right thing happens. I would have gone all-in pre-flop with your position, rather than allow them in at all, a few blinds positive chips are better than an all-in loss after flop, but there is no guarantee.
As far as is this site realistic; There is a percentage of players that take this site serious, they are consistent winners in the long run.
Everybody is rich here because the chips are free.
If you have ever played in a live game and a rich or wealthy player sits down and just starts raising and blowing off chips like they don’t care, just times that times 3 and you have the average table here. I welcome bad play; it’s how I won the chips I have here, and the money I have in real life.
The other problem is you tried to take down Jesus in that hand, bad mojo!


I always go all in with AA preflop, there has been a time or two I have limped in with AA just to see what I can do. free chips and fun to play.


I too push large pocket pairs hard to narrow the field of players and help keep the odds in My cards favor…


Absolutely, the game of Poker is a game of chance and skill , go for it if u got um. But don’t if you can’t afford to loose um lol, and at Replay always have FUN!!


Litenin is pontificating yet again - why do you feel that you always need to add your trite comments??? Also, some of us are not here to ‘have fun’ we are playing for other reasons.


Actually, he was not a bingo player, ( i seen bingo players here lol ) he was just another bad player who thinks top pair (even with terrible kicker) is a great hand and in the long run he will go broke.:slight_smile:


If you’re here for any reason more than to have fun other than studying board textures, ranges, and player types, you’re in the wrong place. By the way, Litenin wasn’t pontificating. Besides he’s a player rep and being encouraging is his job.


I have been playing this site since 2013 Been fun and I enjoy it, at first it was mostly fair players as time went on you got more Bingo players… It does not worry me that they come in and even raise with off suit J 9 and raise flop and turn, and the river having made a straight . Should not have been there and that happens and you adjust your play and you can keep winning. I have a problem with playing 13 hands in 2 days and having 4 hands with quads come up my losing 3 of them. I contacted replay and they were willing to show me there program and I told them I may not be able to understand there probram but I do not believe any program that can come up with quads 4 times in 13 hands>>>Ironstrawwoo


While that does seem like a lot of quads to see in the amount of hands you played, that’s only the hands you were dealt cards. Which, in your case, was four quads in 162 hands. Of those, you had one. Unless you know how many hands the other players sat there before they got quads, you don’t know if it’s an issue with the program or not. There’s a huge difference between seeing quads and actually hitting quads. Don’t forget, others are playing as well.

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Thats true so since I would bet 100 chips that I am older than you, I would ask if you are willing to deal out 152 hands and see how many times it takes you to deal 4 sets of quads in 162 hands , I would also bet 100 chips that being older I would die of old age before I was able to do so. Ironstrawwoo


That’s one of the silliest responses I’ve heard. I, like you, can see many quads in a short amount of time, because there’s a difference between seeing a particular hand and actually holding it. You aren’t playing in a vacuum. You have no idea how many hands someone else has sat in on before they hit their quads. You only know that it happened 4 times in the 162 hands you were in. It might be thousands of hands before you see a single hand with quads again, and then it’s not beyond the realm of possibilty that you might see more than one in just a few hands. As far as age, I don’t know the relevance, but I assure you that I’m no kid. You don’t have a real response to my post, so you resort to completely unrelated nonsense.

I am sorry you find my remarks silly I remember being called stubborn, obstinate single minded and pig headed. I do not care how you far out you want to project the number of hands , I was involved in 3 of those hands , of 13, and lost. I do not believe those odds are possible. But I am glad there are believers.

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Okay, some people like to look for confirmation bias. I play much more frequently than you and in my last 200 hands I’ve seen quads once, and haven’t hit quads in 4 months.


Is this the most unrealistic site?

Let’s take a look at a higher end poker site…

PokerStars uses shuffle algorithms for its software, with two independent sources for the random data: user input and Quantis. The random number generator used by PokerStars is based on quantum theory and works by directing a single photon at a semi-reflective mirror. The outcome of every spin is dictated by complex randomizing software that cannot be controlled or manipulated by players or the company.

OK… so now the question, " Is the software being controlled or manipulated by Replay Poker?"

Remember, an algorithm is used/created to allow users to tell a computer how to solve a problem.

If I’m thinking right, then the problem is, poker is too boring without using an algorithm?

Quads hitting at an extraordinary rate implies that the algorithm is designed for more excitement…

So, it appears Replay Poker along the way made a decision to control/manipulate the Algorithm.

This creates more action and interest I would assume.

So, by appearances only, you can say this is unrealistic poker.

The most unrealistic?

Well, you’d have to play on all the sites to get a feel of where Replay Poker stands.

Replay does have a RNG certificate.

Pokerstars info on Algorithms comes up easily on a simple search.

Searching on Replay’s Algorithms results in:

Replay Poker is a free-to-play online poker site that uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the outcome of hands. Unfortunately, there is no information available on the specifics of the algorithm used by Replay Poker.

If the site was clear on the specifics of the algorithm, it would certainly help with the current



Good Work. Thank you for posting this. Even if, and I don’t have any reason to say they have altered it, every player would be effected in the same way, so it wouldn’t be biased toward any individual on the site.

well yes its poker if someone wants to call then hits thats the way it goes. There are a few folks on this site who go all in 10 15 times in a row and nothing happens to them, some call with zip some hope for a river…some hit it…not fun if you “think” you have a winner…but thats poker.