Why online poker isnt rigged?


Not always. It depends on what we consider ground truth.
Online poker is rigged or online poker is not rigged?
If you fail to convince players you are fair, even though you are,
the burden is on you, because you are the one who loses customers.

In fact the real question for most is not whether poker is rigged, but whether it is
fun to play no matter what the algorithm does.


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You wrong there. It is tested. I think RP still the only playchips site is tested.
Test is cost money. Real money.
You should look up RNG, how its work (also see algorithm) .How CPU-s work…
The test result:

+1 on SharonSmarty


No i’m not ■■■■■■■ wrong, i asked whether someone had found statistical evidence that ANY site is rigged The link you gave me only proves my point, don’t school me on RNG please, and read my post before you type stuff that isn’t true.


I dont mean to…
I admit, I’m new to algorithm… . but love it.
May I ask you why you chat about other sites then? This forum not really for that…


really fam? are you kidding me?
How about you read through all of my posts in this thread again, grab a dictionary, take a lesson in sarcasm and try to understand what the words “comparison” “statistical evidence” “proof” and “rigged” mean?


I’ve just finished reading this thread and am not very computer literate but, I am 65 & retired & have played poker in casinos around the world all my life. I too have a passion for the game but when involved in a discussion of it I try not to be overbearing or rude. I now play replay poker for therapy since my stroke for physical & memory issues. Computer tricks or not, I find it entertaining & fun.Don’t let passion overtake the simple joy of the game. Shuffle up and deal!


Question ? If a poker site has a problem with the way a player plays will they let a person know about it or not?


Poker sites, as a rule, don’t care how a player plays. Why should they?

However, they do (and should) care how players act.

One of the most important aspects of poker is learning how to identify and adjust your play in order to exploit weaknesses in other player’s styles. If we all played the same way, it would be far less fun.


Thank you SunPowerGuru for answering my question. I agree with you about it being less fun if everybody played the same. That was something I was just wondering about ! I enjoy playing on RP and was not implying anything bad about it.


The odds for any gaming site are in the masses, whether on-line or a Nevada casino! The more players, the more dollars they make. There is no reason to rig anything! Profit is based on pure volume! This is why large casinos cater to the masses. Volume/Volume/Volume…The more players, The more profit! I rather enjoy taking someone out when they go all-in every hand :)) I have never seen anyone get away with all-in every hand , the entire game. Have you? In addition, I am sure, On-line gaming sites are regulated by authorities in the states/countries they are operating in! Rest assured, No one is scamming anyone !! I have good days and bad days just like everyone else, as we all do! Sites like Replay Poker are designed for enjoyment only. You are most likely, not going to win cash, but you can boost your pleasure ego once in a while! So, sit back and enjoy playing, win or lose!


I’m 65 yrs. old and have been playing poker for quite a while. I don’t think of myself a great player,I still can hold my own. I don’t think most places rig their games. I also like to take out a all in player ! Going all in and bluffing is a part of poker that makes it fun. But I think it take out a lot of the fun if players go all in hand after hand after hand. I would rather get beat by a player with a good hand. Most players on Replay Poker seem to be really nice people from all over.


I was having this conversation with a friend who believes that most Poker Sites are rigged. I gave him the same points as mentioned above that the money comes in the volume and also most casinos online and offline go through a strict audit process at a system level as well as on the ground for live casinos. However, he had a very interesting theory - He said, that while the games are not rigged to benefit a certain player, they are rigged to constantly churn out very wet boards with players having hole cards that are often connecting beautifully to the board. He said that this would generally increase the pot size which essentially determines the rake the casino makes. I thought this observation was pretty interesting and not one can completely ignore unless someone here can demonstrate a very specific reason why a casino cannot be rigged even it wanted to.


That is the point I was trying to make



Don’t be so naive, of course it’s rigged against you, but even more so against me, poor me.

It’s not just on line poker that’s rigged, all poker is rigged, from the highest stakes, ‘big whale’ casino games to the penny-ante home games. All poker games are rigged.

So why do we play in these crooked games of chance?? Well, It’s only the best game in town…LOLOLOL, have fun, bet your nickle, have a pickle, go for a ride on a moto/cycle!!


The site isn’t “rigged” per say, but it is the same program used by the original poker sites that all got shut down. It isn’t “free” games here, this site charges for chips and a dollar or two out of thousands and thousands of people is nothing to sneeze at. The game is programmed to;

  1. Let you win at first for a while and then take all your chips. And repeat.
  2. Let players that play and therefore pay more win more often
  3. Always decide the hand on an important all in on the river for the aforementioned situations

Letting people amazingly win or lose when they are all in tries to madden the loser and excite the winner into buying more chips. This program is fairly common on the internet. People used to be able to hack into the game and see all the cards. You don’t think that can happen here? If a site can program itself to make as much money as it can you can bet your sweet ass that happens in todays greedy selfish world.
All that being said, have fun playing as I do and remember this is NOWHERE near real poker.


While bored @3m, wandered onto this thread… ohh dear…
this is a programmer’s perspective and thoughts.

A program will make a request for a random number, and the randomness of these numbers is anything but random. When a computer is turned on, or even cycled thru a restart… the order of picked numbers starts again…Adding in mult. human input, randomness can be restored.

So, why is this important… It is because to get a truly equal experience as in a casino, you have to do a few things…

1st- Ask all players to give a 5 digit number when starting tourn… use all added together as a “helper randomizer” that will NEVER be the same number, and use that to help shuffle the " 1 deck " for the 1st time.
2nd- Since no dealer on the planet can shuffle the deck perfectly, so must the program… when shuffling… have randomness add’d to the shuffle… by that I mean, not every other card from the 2 halves, every time…
3rd- as players fold they start the new deck exactly as they are folded…this includes the sucessive folds and even the burn cards and the 5 cards on the table… then topped off by the unused cards.
4th- randomize the number of shuffles… then the cut…
5th- 1 deck per table… thus you recreate a “live, real, experience”

Yes, as other posts have mentioned… due to the high volume of hands ppl play, and all those ppl that won’t fold anything and take ya to the river, there will be more bad beats because you play more hands… If a site wants claim “real” poker, then they should be able to have an independant firm go thru the code and confirm no evil stuff…

There are many ways to “influence hands” and thus make more profit. most are covert and some are in ur face. I personally like the theory that says… if the odds are different or there is funky buisness… learn it, adapt to it, use it to your adv, quit you’re bellyache’n, or go to another site… but don’t just hope that world changes because you think it should.

How many players understand… at certain points you stop playing your cards, and start playing your opponents… this will help in your worries about wierd stuff, becuse you take the actuall cards outta the equation…

There is NO algorythem in Poker, when you play live in a casino / bar / homegame… nor should there be in a legit online poker table… just as us players must adapt to the site we are playing on… so does the site need to look @ what does effect profit… by this I mean if they deem that they can make more $$$$ by proving a real casino experience versus silly algorythems on how to “coax” players into buying more chips…they will do it…

I have played many sites… I took my Full-tilt account up to 75$ over 18months, and NEVER spent a dime on it… I used the freerolls and the micros to move on to bigger cash games. On ReplayPoker I never took xtra chips cause I got down to 0… I played smart ( I think ) and built up to about 250k only playing <= 5k entries, then moved on to 15k occasionally. so I never spent a dime here and have 750k-ish bankroll. Poker sites rely more on donks and idiots, that need massive amounts of chips, for alot of thier sales… than they “should” by trying to influence ppl to buy chips.

Replay Poker may not have some stuff other sites have in the way of stupid xtras, but in terms of just things need’d for the mechanics of fun easy poker play… Replay Poker shines bright. … Do I complain sometimes… sure I do, do I get bad beats… sure I do… but I haven’t seen anything on Replay Poker that tells me its rigged… surely nothing I can prove… Do I even think sometimes its rigged… sure I do…I just try to adapt to how things seem to work around here, and adapt to the other players… in the end I hope we all like Holdem cause we aren’t playing against “TheHouse”, we are playing against other ppl that can / will make mistakes. Skill ??? yes, poker takes alot of skill to do right… is there luck, yuppp … and that is what makes it interesting and frustrating… otherwise I’d win everytime I took someone to the the river… where is the fun in that. ???


( that firm do it for real money RNG-s, far as I know, RP the only playchips site to have that )

Btw some casino use two deck / table, auto shuffle one while the other in play. I would prefer that instead the dealer spread out on the table and pet the cards.

I hope others read your long comment.


sorry for long post Marcipan, " independant firm " , all I mean is rather than giving the code away, let 1 company verify that your code does what you say it does…