The fairness debate


here is another one.


Absolutely crazy.


50 hands one win, Common i 've been playing poker for over 40 years and have never seen such Crap. this is unreal this site has me so scared to play a hand it may have ruined me for real poker. I get a straight someone hits a Flush, I hit 3 of a kind someone hits a Straight. I hit a flush and someone hits a fullboat, I hit a fullboat someone hits 4 of a kind or a straight flush. I mean this is totally nuts.


Speaking of nuts, try this hand out from the reliable RNG, quad aces on the board
See more of these goofy things per 100 hands here than anywhere I’ve ever played for real.


This is the crap that really annoys me.

A higher ranked player goes all in on 4 7 against 3 big stacks.


How AA gets beat by AT:

And to finish same game off, get called by T9o by same player, which of course wins:


3 of a kind beat 2 pair. sorry you didn’t see it. hope you have better luck today. Juicee

I know at the end of a game during head to head that all in’s are common due to the draw hands & I’m usually tired by the end, and start calling all in outside of my comfort zone, it defiantly wasn’t a good win or lose. sorry about how rough that feels… hang in Comicguy it has it’s ups and downs for sure :slight_smile: maybe you’ll beat me soon at the end :slight_smile::slight_smile: Juicee


sono daccordo con opinione di questo giocatore


And the flip side of the equation happened tonight. In the space of a few dozen hands on 2 tables, I got pocket QQ at least 6 times and then pocket AA 4 times. I made sets half the times with those hands (supposed to be about 8.5% of the time). Obscene run of cards that I’ve never seen happen anywhere. Earlier in the night, someone had pocket 99 3 times in about 10 hands (short handed) and hit his set each time. I’m having fun chronicling this chronic weirdness and think it would be fun if others did so as well. These are more than random streaks of rungood and runbad.

@JuiceeLoot - it doesn’t really bother me. I accept the fact that the site is juiced for action and I’m playing accordingly. I’m doing more than fine, crazy hands and all. I’m having fun with it and treating it like what it is - a video game that looks like poker. Perfectly fine entertainment. I just hope I don’t forget where I am when I play cash because that could be painful :slight_smile:


Just a few improbable chops to go along with the rest of the evening’s lunacy

Another one from tonight (too many to post):

A little while later:

That’s all I’m going to post on this - I don’t think it can be argued against anymore about the site being primed for action and weirdness.


I counted six 4 card flush hands dealt to the table in about an hour today.

Chances of a single 4 card flush being dealt is about 2%.

Strange things going on for sure.

ADDED: played for another 2 hours this morning and four more 4 card flushes dealt to the table.

Odds of those hands in that time frame is very low.


take a look at this lol




LMAO! Nothing to see here, keep moving along …


I am still roflmao at this hand


Take a look at the latest I posted under Hands for Review


It was the night of the living quads tonight. I thought I was running hot but someone I played with had them 5 times tonight! I saw a few more and went out to quad 6’s when I had 9’s full of 6’s. OMG!


Ah, the River Card. Random does not explain the number of times I have a lock on a hand and the River Card is a one that gives another player a full house when I’ve had the top two pair the entire hand. That is until the River Card. Over and over and over.

Usually when I’ve acquired chips above a certain amount.


It starts again today - 4% hands are like sure things. When you get your chips in with AJs because you shoved over the initial raise heads-up, you sometimes expect to win against hands like A6. That’s especially true when you actually hit the J. Nope - runner runner flush for villain of coarse. Man, between the insane hands and being frozen out of games when on the bubble, this could get old quick. Just getting people in dead to rights and the old 4% miracles come in to save them time and time again. I know that 4% hands happen (about 1 in 25 hands I’m told) but when you get games where 1 in 25 hands happen 5 times more than they should, that’s interesting. Game after game after game of longshot hands for me and for others I talk to is more than interesting.

I wonder if this place has a dial to crank the action up and down? If so, I think this one goes to 11 :slight_smile:


It helps to understand that this is a cartoon world. Like any cartoon world, everything is amplified, bigger, faster, more exciting, better. Don’t be Grumpy Joe, moping around looking for that one big break, be Super Uberman, and strut around in tights, (do get the cape in silk if you want it to drape well) clobbering evil and what not.

Dude, it’s a cartoon, write your own script!