Scheduled Maintenance - Tuesday, September 26th


Hey everyone! We’re updating our servers on Tuesday, September 26th. The site will be unavailable during this maintenance, and will last from 4am to 7am Eastern Time.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the heads up …


thank you for this gaming platform…:sweat_smile:


Hi All, the maintenance has completed ahead of schedule and is now over. Replay Poker is back up and running. You may find and play your favourite games again.

Thank you for your patience, support and all the best of luck at the tables! :raised_hands:


hi fizzymint/shakeraise.

there is a bug happening after the update. i can’t go in replay poker because it’s saying it’s still under maintenance.
i can go when directly pointing to the lobby via the URL, but when going the standard way it won’t work.

gl every1.


not working here yet when opening a table it just reconnects over and over


Ditto yia


It looks like some of the tables being played before the shutdown are frozen and still in the lobby. Duckpond 5, connemara lake 5, Rats table 2 are a few examples


Thanks for the help! We are currently fixing these issues. Please sit tight!


Everything looks good on this end, thank you :+1:t2:


Everything should be running smooth now. Thanks for your patience, and if you encounter any issue, please kindly feel free to highlight it on this thread or by contacting our player’s support team. Good luck! :blush:


I don’t know ‘‘what’’ this maintenance entailed, but it seems that whatever table i want to join, i get a everlasting cycle of disconnection-reconnection, with a momentairy connection, being able to do ‘’‘part’’ of a hand untill it disconnects me again…this site is getting worse and worse when it comes to connection issues, and yes, I did all the things I am supposed to do, (empty cache, update flashplayer, etc etc.)


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having connection issues! Would you mind writing in to us at ? If you can, please provide the tournament ID #s or names that you’ve had issues with. We can investigate the issue further from there.


do you really think I note tournament ID #s etc down, it isn’t as if I’m loosing money, it’s just so annoying when it happens, and when it happens, all I’m trying to do, is resolve the issue at hand as soon as possible, (refreshing page, clearing cache, etc etc) so, i wouldn’t have a clue what ID#s i ‘‘had’’ an issue with… if it is a low amount of chips that are lost… I simply forget about it and move on… I suggest that you use play-testers to test issues, that way you have the data right away.


Wow!!! Not a good answer… the site is called Replay for a reason other than the obvious. It’s not like your being asked to donate a kidney. It helps everyone here.

Thanks for doing your part for the benefit of the community .

Hint: top left corner of the table page your having trouble with.


I detect a sneering remark in my direction in your reply, so let me make myself clear… the fact that I posted my issue here, is (in my eyes) proof enough that I care about the site,
If this site was called Replay-beta, your argument has value, but as far as I can tell, that is not the case.
if you read my post you might have noticed that at the moment of the issue, the things that go through your mind are not to be helpful, but to solve the issue, and the way people have told me over and over, when i have an issue,’‘clear your cache, refresh the page, update flash, log-out and log-in again’’
so, your hint about the top left of the table page, is at that point no longer available, since the table has been gone, and you’re no longer able to get to the table.


@Craig_Anthony @SirG1
as i see it i can get both your points, i agree it’s not much trouble to give the ID to have something to work with, and i can also get that the “obvious” things aren’t helping much more if the problem won’t get solved.

so to get everyone happy maybe this helps: if you go to your hands page you can go to your last hands played. go to your last hand (assuming this is where most your trouble happened) and click it. now the hand with your trouble will replay itself. below the replay you see several stats including the hand and tournament ID. copy them and post them here.
i hope this isn’t one of these “obvious” tips, but this is the best thing i can think of that might help all of you.

gl every1.