CONTEST - A rose by any other name


I was born and raised in Indiana…still reside here all these years later!! When I was about 13 years old, my father took the family on vacation to Minnesota. Needless to say, I was quite impressed by the beauty of the state, the endless wilderness, and the abundant wildlife!! I truly would love to uproot the family and move there, but I am a big baby when it comes to the amount of snow and the below zero temps!! We spend 2 to 4 weeks there (in the summer months) every year on Pelican Lake, in the city of Orr. There isn’t a day that we aren’t fishing (three times a day), or shopping, or sightseeing, or hiking, or star gazing, or watching the wildlife…I could go on and on!! Minnesota is an amazing place to visit, I love it, and therefore, my username became… “minnielover”!!


From 1995 to 2000 we owned an Internet service. I didn’t trust anyone, so I chose Scratch012840 as a generic name. No one could correlate my Username with my real name. Of course over time (23 Years) I kinda got used to it and it is easy to tell folks my email address. I tell them “The word scratch” 0128 @ yahoo; sometimes @gmail Not overly exciting.


It is my name. I used it hoping people I knew in the past would see it and contact me.


my full name is fatherof3sanity0. i have three children, two boys and one girl, 16,15 and 12…enuff said, don’t you think? lmao


Back before Black Friday, I played on Full Tilt and won my way to Howard Lederer’s Poker Fantasy Camp. While there, I met and played with many of the then popular poker players. One night, I asked Marcel Luske to sign my T-Shirt. He asked what my poker name was. I replied that my name was Joe and I was from Montana so I became JoeMontana.


Hi, I decided on “My Abba” as l am Abba crazy, Everyone knows me as the Abba Lady. My Abba is the registration number on My Abba Mobil’. I have many abba Tattoos, I have my own little Abba Room. Everything is My Abba. So l thought My Abba was a very appropriate name for my Replay Poker ID
Thank you, regards, My Abba


Back in the 80’s, when I lived on Harrison Avenue, the guys used to come to my house to play cards. We started calling ourselves the Harrison Avenue Card Club. I thought of them when selecting a user name but it was quite a mouthful so I shortened it.


N1chay, It is my son name and he is patient which I lack of, this is reminding of being patient


I ended up with garyp because
RP asked players name
No go
Nope already gone
Typed garyplayer
About to forget it
Typed garyp
At last I was on a table
Thank F


I chose OrbitalDecay as my Replay Poker Username because that is the name of my 1966 Plymouth Satellite that is slowly rusting away.


888 has nothing to do with the poker site as some people might think. 888 is a car racing team in Australia that races v8 supercars. That’s my blue car in the profile picture which has 888 on the personalised number plates. I’m a car tragic, I know. Oh, and my name is Garry.


I chose my player name because I was a Green Beret in Nam,I served 2 tours from 1968 to 1970.I was in the 10th Special Forces Group in the Mekong Delta in 68 and served with them until 69 when they reassigned many of us to other units.I was sent to the 173rd Airborne Brigade,also known as the Herd.although my 2nd tour was with the Herd,I am most proud of my time as a Green Beret.God bless America and God bless our wonderful heroes serving today.I love and honor them all.I have more respect for them than my limited ability to express allows.


My name BigJoey was given me by my cousin, who lived next door, to distinguihg me from my son who was also named Joe. My sister’s husband son were also named Joe and lived one block over. With 4 of us named Joe in the same neighborhood to tell us apart when talking to others we became:
Bigjoey. my son litle Joey, My brother-in-law Uncle Joe L., my nephew Little Joey L. Did I mention that my cousins father, who was my mothers brother and my uncle was named Joe. 40 years later I am still called BigJoey by my cousins children and family, even though they are married and have children themselves.


Because it is :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Ok – let’s get rid of the elephant in the room. I am a GERIATRIC. I do not remember how old I am but old enough to be called a geriatric. My kids – who think they will inherit a decent estate call me a blind, senile, demented, old fool. This on their polite visits, which normally coincide with a desperate need to borrow some money, which they always forget to pay back.
However, Mum and I have devised a cunning plan wherein we are trying to spend as much as we can before we need to get into wheelchairs. The kids are in for a surprise!! We spend a lot of time travelling.
We are cruising through the Suez Canal to Dubai later this year, through a war zone. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are lobbing rockets at each other and hopefully they will not hit the ship. But at our age Mum and I are brave as lions and nothing scares us – except possibly becoming blind, senile, demented and foolish!!
The X factor in Geriatrix is a homage to one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Asterix the Gaul. I read it as a kid and still have all the comics in my library.
Getafix – the Druid has a magic potion that he slips to the Gauls when they need to fight the Roman Legions. Luckily I have found this potion and use it liberally whilst playing Replay Poker. Mum and I found a bottle on one of our trips to Scotland. The canny Scots call it Sheep Dip Whisky. A cunning blend of several single malts. But I know it is the magic potion of the Gauls!! It keeps me young, alert, fit and with the boyish good looks of Brad Pitt – on his good days!!
If you meet me on the tables, more than likely I will have 2 or 3 fingers of Sheep Dip in a tumbler at my side. You should just give me the money and save the embarrassment of being beaten by a Geriaitrix!!


Tasmanian Roger. Really imaginative I know but am a proud Tasmanian


Classless Clay because I’m very classless when I’m playing poker. I’m typing trash talk why I’m playing and if replay poker had mics yall probably would ban me. Also forget my ranking I am the muhammad ali of poker basically im the best there was, the best there is and the best that ever will be. Basically I’m the muhammad ali of poker when he gets in the ring he talks a lot of trash and thats me on that poker table its my ring. Im the champion. But I’m thinking of changing my name up to date to Moneyclayweather


My name came from a prayer from the heavens above for my granddaughter.She was born fluid in her brain,So the doctors had to put a shunt in her head to keep the fluid from killing her.Was in the Hospital for a month we didn’t think she was gonna make it.But thank god she did at that time I said sweet heaven thank you.,so we all decided to name her Heaven.So that’s where my name came from.


I live at Truman Lake in Missouri. I fish, not hunt. So it seems fitting to me to use FishAtTruman. It .is one of the sports I like besides Poker and it is more Stress Free. I also Disc Golf but wiilgolf, a pal on here, has that name already.


My name comes from my Regiment (Parachute Regiment) and my Battalion 15th hence para15