Didn't expect the world, just a thought

Not sure if I’m in a club of a few or many, regarding this. However, today is the 100th day in a row that I’ve logged into Replay’s site. Not a huge deal. It would’ve been nice to get 5k chips instead of the 2.5k I’ve received every other day, just as a small acknowledgment. Or maybe recognize when it’s someone’s birthday, if they provided that info. Small touches like that go miles. Anyways, 100 days! woo me haha :slight_smile:


Doubles @ each 100 days :grinning: Soinds good. (Retro Plz)

We have birthday notices and anniversary notices of when you joined the site but no chip rewards. But you get a picture of a cake :+1:t2:

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Hi @WellingtonSam , Congratulations and I hope you reach the 1000 days as next goal. GL at the tables!!


Ah but what’s a birthday card if there’s no cash tucked inside??—> Junk mail. Maybe instead you get a raffle ticket for a shot at winning a cake from some store. These would be great incentives if offered as perks for becoming a paid member.

@Litenin Thank you & much luck to you as well!

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Thank you @WellingtonSam for the good luck wishes. It seems we are simply the results of what different generations were taught. For me just the recognition of the Birthdate of a Person was all I ever would hope for and was very happy to hear. GL at the tables

No worries before ya know it AARP remembers your Birthday :man_white_haired:

@Litenin Believe me when I say that I’d be floored to receive a birthday card. Even a txt msg would make my day, but that’s really beside the point of why I made this thread. Just had some idears up in the ole noggin that people may like. You know, try to improve the whole social part a little.

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Right?! I don’t particularly even care to be reminded by some website that I’m another year older. Toss a bone for heavens sake, the chips are play tokens lol