CONTEST - A rose by any other name


My name is av, n d gam is my grandkids 1st letter 2 their name, since 2014 I’ve added an s, 4 d baby, so now it goes by avgams!!! I feel having them with me, would give me luck!! Hasn’t worked out so good @ this site but other poker site, sorry, but I ROCK!!! not 2 give me any airs but reallyyyyyy!!! Love those 4 kids 2 Heaven n Back!!! TU Danny n Myriel!!(son n wife). I love this site 4 Royal Poker, That’s D Best!!! TU 4 this contest!! n GL ALL!!!

A Rose By Any Other Name

my name wild buffalo I am a buffalo bill look a like doing wild west reacting but some people think that I am will bill I just combine both names see guns and


Hello all: the first 2 letters are my initials. The rest is the name of the star beta persei, the second brightest star in the constellation perseus. It is an eclipsing binary which means as one star passes in front of the other , the eclipse causes what looks like one star to get brighter and then dimmer on a regular basis. To one one the ground, it looks like the star is blinking at you. For that reason, it was dubbed the ‘demon star’ or al ghul (think batman and league of assassins here) which became algol. so we end up with rralgol.


Nothing spectacular here…I’m an old school sign painter. Own a commercial sign shop and there’s not many of us left who will tackle jobs you can’t sit behind a computer and do. Painted signs outlast vinyl signs, but I do 'em all.

However, I’m slinging paint & brushes every day just being a… SignPainter…


Mozmin…I grew up in Locust Point, Baltimore…we have our own interpretation of the King’s English and have been the subject of ridicule…wadder, zinc, winder are water,sink,window…my name is Mossman…hence Mozmin…we don’t talk funny…you do


It is a nickname I got while hunting Brown Bears in Alaska, because I always carry a .454 Casull revolver as a back up weapon to my Marlin guide’s gun, a lever action .44 magnum rifle. The joke was my back up piece was more powerful than my main gun, but not really! LOL


The winners are randomly selected. Cool. So regardless of how pithy, clever or mundane (or frankly dumb) my explanation turns out to be … I’m still just as eligible as the rest to get some extra chips. Might as well just blurt our the naked truth* then: I’m not really rotten … I’m just drawn that way. *Obviously there was a particular incident where someone attached this moniker to me – perhaps unfairly, but that’s just one guy’s opinion. Not really that interesting a story and I don’t want innocent younger readers trying that at home; so just going to go with “I’m not really rotten …” Btw … my name actually is John and the quip I referred to gives you a clue to my era.


My replay poker name is puggywug.

I like pugs.

The first pug I ever met was the best. His name was Frank, and he was my girlfriend’s pug. We had him for 12 years, and he was my very best friend and constant companion. He died in 2011, but he is still with me as I think about him every day.


Lokee was the name of my childhood friend ( Sam King ). Sam was a very quite person all through grade school and high school, we always joked with him for not saying much but the reaction on his face said a lot. In 1996 in Victorville, California Sam was killed in front of three of his kids walking out of a Wal-Mart, he was shot five times in the chest, and the sad thing about it is he was the wrong man, so I adopted Sam’s nick name " Lokee " and I use it in almost everything, E-mails, passwords, user names and so on, I told myself that I will use it to keep Sam’s memory alive R.I.P. Sam your always in my thoughts and prayers.


When I was a teenager I lost my arm in a motorcycle and all my friends called me the one armed bandit. My real name is Alan Jay, so I just made it AJBandit.


I was searching for Thomas’s brand english muffins one day to see if they were considered the best , and came across the hand-drawn picture, which made me laugh. I got my name from the bottom :smile:


When I was first introduced to the site I saw so much arguing over how each other play the game that I wanted to present myself as being here to have fun. Seemed simple to me then. The name has been taken several ways since; Presupposition means everything. But my favorite way to use it is when I have a really bad hand I type “Not Fun4Me”.


when they go all in, I knock them all out! Then I say " BOOYA"!

  • Booya Buddy


My username consists of 2 words ay and ulduz. In azeri language they mean respectively moon and star. Its nice isn’t it ?!


That’s neat! How is it pronounced? Like the English phrase “I’ll dues”?


At the time, I tried to call myself “The Nuts”, which of course means you have the best hand, like nut flush or nut straight. As expected, “The Nuts” was already taken, so I tried a coupla other funny spellings, until it accepted “TheKnutts”, the rest is history…always sad when I see I’ve already folded the Knutts! lol


202 is the number of the house I grew up in.
Bugi is my 12 year old dog. He is a rescue. He was born outside in a barrio. A nice lady took care of his mother and a friend brought him to me when he was 7 weeks old. He is probably a poodle/terrier/+ mix.
Here he is at 7 weeks old:


I play under Yvonne63, it’s was my Dad’s nickname for me and I started playing at 63 . That’s it , love the game


It has nothing to do with me or my real name. In playing poker you need a name that is unique and will stick in others mind. A one of a kind name that will be remembered when slap a royal flush, four of a kind, a full house and any of the NUTS on them. They will remember who you are. that BLUEDIME is Baaaaaaaaaad.


In azeri language ay means moon and ulduz means star. So my username means moonstar !!! Its nice , isn’t it?!!