CONTEST - A rose by any other name


Boa tarde, sou Brasileiro. Escolhi este codinome porque ? Pois, quando criança assistia muito desenho do cavalo Pepe-Legal, sou fã desse desenho ate hoje.
Espero que eu seja o escolhido. good bay


translates to-
Good afternoon. I’m Brazilian. I chose this code name because? Well, as a child I watched a lot of drawing of Pepe-Legal horse, I’m a fan of this drawing until today.
I hope I’m the chosen one.

Pepe, es posible que desees consultar Google Translate:)


name for college friend when he got too drunk


U.S. Army 1963 - 1968 RA = Regular Army (Enlisted rather than drafted), Followed by my service number (Later replaced by one’s Social Security Number.


The reasons are in the name.


How I chose TexasSammy

Let me be the first to say that t he Sigma Theta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity is more than just a social club — we are a brotherhood that has had a strong presence at the University of Texas since 1922 . Our fraternity has shaped friendships and lives, teaching members the skills necessary for success beyond their collegiate experiences. I am proud to call myself a member of Texas Sammy, an organization that fosters the values of humanity and comradeship.

Today, perhaps more than ever, college fraternities play a relevant role in shaping the lives of young men, and in the last year and a half Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Texas has shaped my identity in unimaginable ways. Leading such a capable and passionate group of men this year, I am confident that we will see growth in all aspects of the fraternity. Our Council is excited for what’s ahead, and our active members are taking on leadership roles with renewed vigor. I look forward to not only upholding our reputation as a nationally recognized chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu, but also to advancing the accomplishments of Sigma Theta by creating a stronger vision for the future.


We lived with and helped the Mexican poor in Mexico for 20 years. They called me meesterteem and my wife Hermana katy.
From meesterteem


Pretty easy and very mundane. My name is Don. I live in Texas. I was born in 1947. Therefore: don_texas47


i ride a 2012 pearl white cross country tour victory bike so kinda took on the name whitexct


MUROC was in the Mojave Desert. That is where I was born during WWII. It no longer exists as it is now known as Edwards Air Force Base. My father, a pilot, was stationed there for a short period of time. Anytime I must disclose my place of birth, I am always asked where that is. Well, now it is here on Replay Poker.


Flameling is my last name, hence The Flame. Many years ago some of my friends gave me this nickname, and I have used it eversince.


that is easy thats what i ride


My great great great uncle was wyatt Earp hence the gunslinger. 13 is my lucky number and unlucky for all my opponents.


My username is also the name of my boat. I bought it in 1989 and since have used it in a very successful racing career (PHRF club level). It is a Tartan 10 and is very fast, fun and responsive and ideal for racing, but not much else. I got its name by simply plagiarizing from another boat, but far enough away so no one would know. In the mid eighties, I was sailing in Saint Martin and had stopped in Marigot Bay for the night. Just before dark a huge, beautiful catamaran sailed in to Anchor near me. Its name, "Webejammin’ ". I said then that my next boat would be named the same. When I would travel in enclosed water where the name could be seen people would literally start dancing on the shore, to everyone’s amusement. Alcohol was usually involved. It’s been a great source of fun and amusement for me since its purchase.


Used to play in small game with several buddies about once a month and they started calling me Poker Man Stan, I removed the vowels…PkrMnStn.


I hate to give away my secret but I guess it’s time…On Poker Stars I made my user name what I am…Mrstree,my husband is an Arborist. We have our own business…a Tree Care Service…For 20 years…so to everyone in this town I am Mrs. Tree…When I signed up…It seems there was another MrsTree (difficult as this may be to believe) so I played with the spelling and came up with Mystree" again the site mixed it up and it emerged as mystry I liked it and added girl…hence MYSTRYGIRL…when I came to replay I chose the same name in the hopes that any of my old friends from PS would recognize me and say Hi.

So to those of you who think my name means I am really a guy…sorry to disappoint you…I am really a girl/lady…why on earth would a guy pretend to be a girl…unless he was hoping to appear smarter…lol


Pokeno…My name is Ken and I love poker and its also a game with a loose connection to poker.


What I came here for…to play poker, please. Not someone’s opinion or comments - keep them to yourself. Just play!


University of Virginia for the state university founded by Thomas Jefferson and the year I was born. 1941


i chose my user name from my initials first middle and last which is DiS there for tads. 45 is my anniversary