CONTEST - A rose by any other name



Though @grapevine has asked this in the past, it’s been a while, and we’re upping the stakes! @Alan25main submitted this contest idea to us:

Let us know how and why you chose the name you use on Replay Poker. Five participants will be randomly chosen to receive 100,000 chips! :tada:

Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, September 18th.

Alan25main has some additional context for this idea, which I’ll share in a reply to this post. It’s a wonderful read and I encourage you to take a look! :slight_smile:

I will be on vacation until September 10th, so I’m getting this contest up a little early. I look forward to reading each of your responses when I return! :smiley:


Some words on the subject by @Alan25main:

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Titles of things often seem arbitrary; if the titles “dog” and “cat” were reversed, and always had been, no one would know or care, least of all the creatures themselves. Those names, often tell us nothing about the thing or creature, itself.

People, on the other hand, are often named in hope that their name will have meaning, at least to those doing the naming. How often do we hear of “X” Junior or the II? Or, some larger number of repetitive naming? Surely the naming persons don’t expect the newest bearer of that name to be a duplicate of the predecessor. They likely hope he/she becomes an improvement over the original. Thus, other than possibly telling us something of family history, those names don’t have much real content until the people bearing them give their name meaning by their actions in life. And, since names are usually conferred on babies while they are still babies, the individual-to-be had no choice or influence in the matter. (A good argument could be made that names do influence who babies grow to become, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

In the modern world, we frequently do get to choose our own names, at least in limited circumstances. User-names for computer gaming or email addresses are a good example. We generally pick those ourselves and often use them to tell something of how we hope the world will see us. Matildabear conveys an entirely different image than Matildabare, for example. The first could be claiming strength or love-ability, the second saying “I’m a very open person,” or “I’m a naturist” or even both. So, an eponymous (self-given) name often does convey information to the reader. What are players hoping to tell us with those names?

A lot of people use their names to describe what they do–or want to do–for work. I haven’t noticed any “shoesalesman” names, but there are numerous medical profession sounding names. A lot of others combine a male-female pair into a single word, BillAngela for example (this is especially common for shared email accounts where both use it). Others refer to their hobbies or favorite pass-times, MasterChessPlayer, for example. I’ve met several incarnations of Dbrunson in online poker games (with variations in spellings), and never for a moment considered that one of them might really be him.

Why and how did you choose the name you play under?"


I can’t tell you how much I hate answering this question :joy:
There is no creativity, no story, and nothing interesting involved in my choice. It’s just my name :unamused:
Not that I don’t love it. I do… I love my name. But that’s all it is. My name. No story there :wink:


That story is waiting for you to make it every day, Maya, as you surely do. I’m sure it will be a good one, too.


Many years ago Lildevil was my citizens band (CB) radio handle and through the years everyone that personally knows me tells me it fits my personality. It has just stuck with me through the years.


I had been batting around some ideas for a fitting name. This was the one that made Us smile. Went to Bed with a short list of names then picked and created the profile next day. Although I’m just tall I do Like the FatnSassy profile name and truly enjoy the Replay Site and Players and community of Friends.


My original name was Smartass but I guess someone complained so I was asked to change it , if I didn’t change it on my own , it would be changed for me to Princess :nauseated_face::rage: so I changed it to SharonSmarty


I did a thread on this a few years ago… A Rose By Any Other Name

My name indicates that I am an engineer with a special focus on solar power.


I strongly relate to music in my thoughts, actions and feelings. On some forums I’m Ed_Zeppelin and on others I’m Grateful_ed. Occasionally I sneak by as Panama_ed. :v:
MMTs are like a rock ballad, SnGs are like a guitar jam and Ring games are like a guitar solo.


I like my name as it kind of let’s me be more edgy in my chat as i like to joke and be a bit sarcastic at times but not rude. I like to have fun and the banter i have back and forth with my friends lets me be more free and tell’s others i don’t take life so serious on poker but never think i’m being disrespectful it’s just how i am and i think my name says it all.


besides poker i like gaming as well. my most favorite game of all time is final fantasy XII. my all time favorite monster happens to be in that game as well, which is yiazmat.

another fun fact: usually when possible i choose the username yiazmat50112254. but some sites don’t allow it simply because it’s too long, replay included. so when it’s not possible i simply choose yiazmat. if that isn’t possible either i just put some part to the name which i think of on the moment.
the number after the name represents the HP of yiazmat.


I tend to get a lot of bright ideas so friends gave me the nick name.


During the Korean war, the Air Force sent me to Yale University to study the Chinese language, as the FBI had already determined that I was eligible for a top secret codeword clearance. The professors translated our American names into Chinese, and I kind of adopted it as my username on most of the websites that I visit. In Chinese, last names come first, so Frederick Brenner became Bu,Fu De. Bu means stride, and Fu De is just an approximation of Fred.


This is actually a dangerous secret but I’ll share it with my Replay buddies.
Miri123 is the code name I used to have years ago when I worked for Scotland Yard in the Anti Mafia Department. But shhhhhh.
OK, I wish there was an interesting story behind my screenie. But alas, Miri is simply a nickname derived from my real name Mirella, albeit not the usual abbreviation of it. It was what my adorable little cousin used to call me when he was a child and constantly ran behind me screaming: “Miri, Miri, Miri”. At that time he obviously got on my nerves, but in the meantime I’ve forgiven him, so I adopted his “creation”.

I added the numbers, because the name was already taken, and I was too lazy to think of another one.


Worldsmosthandsomecharminginternationalplayboy&allaroundgoodguy was deemed to be too long so i tried Whoever. Turned out Whoever was taken so I opted for whoeverit. I sometimes get asked if my surname is Everitt. It’s not…


Reading the books about Robin Hood was my first contact with Little John.6.6 ft tall, relaxed and self-responsible man who cares about his family and friends. This meets my idea of life.
The advantage of using his original name John Little is, that this version is not that common and I don’t have to ad numbers or extras to the name. That’s all. Cheers.


My username honestly doesn’t have a lot of meaning to me, in thinking of a username I just typed in the first thing I thought of.


My name is Randy Brown.
When my wife and I had our 1st grandchild she dubbed me Grandy :grin:


This is what my mother called me when I was in her spotlight–NOT a good thing! It’s my first name and middle initial. I decided to adopt it as my user name, make it my own. Clearly I was bein’ bad-ass when she called me that, so why not embrace it! lol


I get asked quite a lot about my username, I used it on another site and basically kept it in case friends from the other site came over to Replay, they would know the name.
I chose it because I love Eminem. He had a tough upbringing and yet shone with his rapping. Yet he always looked after his mum, regardless.
Slim shady is one of his tunes. Hence the name :slight_smile: