Your least favorite tournament move

Players can play however they want. I’m ok with the all in most of the time strategy that people are calling bingo.
Here’s an example of the kind of play that I think is the worst.
BB is shortstacked badly. UTG calls the blind, folds around, I’m on the button with an allright hand, so I call knowing we’ve a shot at knocking out a player, who then preflops allin which isn’t that much of a raise, so the two of us call.
Flop comes out, doesn’t hit my hand, and UTG bets, so I fold since UTG likely has the hand.
Goes to the river, the BB wins and more than doubles up, while the river hits me with top pair, would have eliminated the player. UTG had nothing after the flop, should have checked down, still would’ve lost ( a little less), but we would have eliminated a player. That sort of play leaves me shaking my head, lol, have a good day.


That’s poker for ya ! Sometimes you make the right call, sometimes you don’t.

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Mistakes on my post were that the BB actually tripled up and UTG lost the same amount either way.
Yeah, it’s poker, I just don’t get why when you’ve a chance to knock a player out and you don’t hit the flop at all, why bet? I suppose having less players to go against gives you a better chance, or perhaps it was coercion? Lol.

Now that sounds like collusion!

Ha, ha, collusion, that’s the word I was looking for.
I guess for your notes you can say if I’m on the button with a deep stack, and the BB is shortstacked, I’m probably gonna call a shove with a moderate hand, probably fold if others bet after the flop and I have nothing.