Bad play

We can all list endless hands where we were knocked out of tournaments by the sheer good luck of opponents who have been outplayed and lack our poker skills, but what about those hands where we are eliminated purely by our own bad play.

Today I busted out on the final table from 3rd place right on the bubble in a 250,000 chips buy-in tournament, and have no one to blame but myself.

If anyone can tell me what I was thinking, I would be grateful. Clearly I should have shoved preflop.

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Maybe the same reason I got knocked out off the final table yesterday for the team tourney… a real bonehead move but since I had not bluffed up until then I thought I could steal just one!
It’s like Goatsoup could see my cards and knew I was bluffing.
I hope you don’t kick urself as hard as I did…still hurts :slightly_smiling_face:


Everyone makes these types of bad decisions from time to time. The guy bailed you out by leading the flop. You had no fold equity left and could have just folded rather than shoved. Then you’d at least have a few BB’s left to shove another hand. It looks like a frustration call/shove to me.

Should you have shoved? In an actual tournament you are shoving almost any 2 cards in that spot. On a site where people keep limping down to 1BB and calling on any prayer? Who the hell knows?


Can’t say your play was formidable on this one, but someone else defended from the big blind with 4-3o. Was the “clearly I should have shoved preflop” part ironic?

No, I think if I had shoved, he would previously have folded. On a prior round he had played the same way to a raise and it looked to me like a bluff, but I had folded. In these kind of games you get tired at the final table and can make impulsive decisions. I guess I thought he would have shoved with a 6 and was unlikely to have a 3.

yeah you took the worst option pre… fold or shove are both probably close this short but never standard open. this all being said lets not gloss over the fact that the bb’s play was slightly worse. I mean he’s getting good odds and should defend wide but calling oop with 43o is a no no. he should have folded, shoving better than a call though. If he shoves on you I don’t think you can really fold any of your opens there so he should just fold.

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