Won MTT and made an enemy

I cashed in one of my tickets and played an MTT, eventually won, but made an enemy along the way. If somebody will tell me how to delete players names, I’ll post the hands, but until then…

Last table. Four players. I’m chip leader. I draw a K7s and raise 2BB UTG. Bet goes around to BB and he goes all in. I call. He turns up a J7o. The cards drop and we both pair our 7. He’s out and dogs me for 3 hands, finally calling it a BS call.
Shaking my head trying to figure how my call was BS, I dropped the lead for a couple of hands.

To offset my dissapointment, I also got an achievement award for winning my 10th MTT .:laughing:


By describing the hand you already gave away the info needed to see it LOL.
Just looked at your latest hands and I saw what a good sport johnny was :joy::joy::joy:

Was he your first “enemy”? That’s what you should get an achievement for! :slight_smile:
As long as we play poker, we will always have friends, enemies, and frenemies :wink:

Well done on winning :+1:


Thanks Maya.
I’ve had a few snide comments tossed my way in the past. I just missed the part that says you shouldn’t call an all in in that situation. That situation SCREAMED for a call. It was like he was waving a sign that said “BET ME, BET ME”.


Well, I’ve been lectured enough on not opening with K7o, so that was your first “mistake” (although I do the same thing all the time, frankly). I don’t know what the BB thought they were doing shoving with J7o – bluffing I guess – but they must have thought that K7 shouldn’t be strong enough to call there, which is sensible, however, you played it and won, and also you had the better starting cards. I’d say it’s a questionable play, but the outcome was in your favor. Never shove preflop if you’re going to be bothered if your hand doesn’t stand up!

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Sure, that could have gone badly. All he needed was any diamond and he would have taken that hand.

Well, that was a pretty loose call…and apparently it hurt his feelings…:slight_smile:

Even given the situation? Last table, last four players and chip lead? Do I fold every time someone goes all in unless I have a premium pair?
If that’s so then I guess I owe him an apology, as well as to all those on the forum.
…but I’d probably do it again. :wink:

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He said K7s, not K7o.

I think K-7 suited is a good hand to open-raise four-handed as the big stack. The shove was too wide, and badly timed to try and get a fold, since Hero had him covered, and had already raised from under the gun. Villain probably thought it was just the big stack trying to steal the blinds once again. It can get infuriating at times, but it’s standard. Hero’s call in the end was extremely wide, but you lose the right to complain when you try to get someone off a hand with just J-7 offsuit.

Now, I have complained about several plays when losing a hand, in particular when it was a bad beat, unlike this one, but unless the guy is really hot-headed, he’ll forget about it in a couple of minutes.

Those are my two cents.

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I stand corrected.

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Hey there. When raising 2BB UTG, you already represent a range, which is wide, but still strong.
He goes all-in, why not. If I were you, I would have folded. Of course, infos as his PFR, 3BET %, … is really important here. But if no special infos, I would just fold. With K9+ I would call, K7 seems to weak to me. Any ace is ahead, and any pair + all kings with better kicker.
Just my opinion, I’m a pretty tight player in general.

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no no, you never lose the right to complain…I cite these forums as proof positive :slight_smile: