To anyone that played that MTT with me last night

I hardly ever do well at MTTs for whatever reason but last night I was doing very well in a 15k.
I was in 1st for quite a while and feeling very proud of myself…so much so that l that I decided to sit out and refresh my drink. I returned with my fresh drink, went to sit down to rejoin the game and dumped the whole drink on my keyboard somehow.
I frantically ran to the kitchen to grab a roll of paper towels and proceeded to try to soak up the sticky drink off of my desk and keyboard…after several minutes I ran to the bathroom to wet some paper towels to clean up the residuals of the mess and finally sat back down to continue playing.
After catching my breath and settling back in, I won a pretty decent pot and the other players congratulated me with vn, wp, etc and so I went to type ty.
My reply looked something like [9jnaer98rhg …and my calculator was opened in the middle of my screen.
I kept playing with mouse only and managed to pull off another couple of good hands while my friendly table kept congratulating me.
I felt like a jerk for not being able to show my gratitude so I ran to my wife’s computer and grabbed her keyboard/usb transmitter (cue Benny Hill theme).
By the time I got back I had been moved to another table!
I hope any friends that were at that table will read this and understand I wasn’t being a jerk…just a clumsy goof : )


Maybe you should stick to beer or wine and layoff the hard stuff. :grinning:

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Well, that wouldn’t make me any less of a clumsy goof Larry…and they are no more keyboard friendly than what I prefer :relaxed:


Wait … what?

btw cheers

yeah, apparently there’s a keystroke in windows 10 that opens the calculator.
I’ve had the keyboard in front of a fan all day in hopes it’ll work again but I have my doubts since it was a sticky drink.

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Anyone who drinks at their computer needs a Mighty Mug. These things are like magic, they attach themselves to your desk and can’t be tipped over, but can be picked right up like a normal drinking glass. It’s actually amazing!

Mighty Mug Video


I’ve never heard of it but after watching that video I just ordered one…thanks!


Where have you been, man?

I don’t do TV anymore and don’t run across those ads like that I reckon : )
But looking forward to it thanks to Sun :slightly_smiling_face: