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Smile its free so are manners - please be kind to all, nobody knows what a person is going through - this is not just Poker its a community.

I met my friend for life on replay - goatsoup

Who am I as a person? - I am 50 years old but I act and look younger :slight_smile: I am still my dads little girl, he is my world my everything my always and forever- he inspires me every day and he as made me the person I was, I am and always will be. - he is now 87 years old, he is blind and lost his wife and I lost my mum 26 years ago - but he is there for me and never gives up on his family

You can like , You can hate me , You don’t care about me, — but never be rude to me as I will never do that to you - manners are free!

And if you feel down please put on you favorite song and dance around loon as you are worth it xxx

My top tunes:

  1. I love a drink and love this tune its random
    Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B. (Official) - YouTube

  2. For by best mate goatsoup - its always long day without this guy
    Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack - YouTube

  3. My dad my world
    The Police - Every Breath You Take (Official Video) - YouTube

  4. For all the haters out there and the ones who are mean
    Taylor Swift - Mean - YouTube

Well that’s me its who I am

Tiggs xx


I’m glad to have met you here, a fantastic poker player and always nice, happy, treat your opponents with respect !! I’m like you, as my mom and dad showed me the way to be kind and that everyone has equal value no matter what !! You have to listen first before you judge, everyone goes through different things! As you are my father my everything, just everything, my mother lost in April this year, lose her mother, it is impossible to describe, you who did it know !! What I know is that most are kind people, those who are evil have ended up wrong in life and many times not their own fault but if you deal with anger with kindness and listen, goodness wins, I know have worked in retail all my life, so listening is most important! I am 48 years old have a cat named Kondrad, love animals and nature,music and poker It’s me!


my favorite book when I was younger was called the outsiders – haha I am so bad at spelling but got an A in English Lit - My quote from this book is is Stay Gold - stay gold my lovely Konrad - proud to meet you

and so true what you say # but if you deal with anger with kindness and listen, goodness wins# i will do that more xxx

Tiggs xxx


The only judgements I make are about peoples playing styles , never the person . As you say Respect the person and the living is easy .


I’m just a simple man living in a complex world :earth_americas:…


This is important for me to say this as it is me - I get so much drama in chat about buying chips and people call me names for it – so I would like to all to try and understand me, I have nothing to hide

  • I have just about been away from family and friends for 2 years in a country where not one single friend Is here – Thanks Replay for being there
  • I have been in the office 5 times in the last 3 years no social contact – Thanks Reply for being there
  • I have not been able to go and play live poker – Thanks Replay for being there
  • I have met a friend for life here Goatsoup – My dad says thanks Replay as I do his head in a little bit less now I have my best mate
    So yes I have paid for some chips – its cheaper than going out when I could go out (trust me ) and I get entertainment and fun for it
    And I have just turned 2mil to over 150 mil so dreams can happen
    Please don’t judge people or replay – people should be treated nice and Replay offer a place where we can have a life in such bad times

Great post :+1:t2: Thank you Replay for being here :heart:


Couldent said it better Tiggy!!


Tiggy, I clicked on your profile to read more about you, but it comes up with “profile not found”

Just saying.

Goatsoup had an interesting bio though

That’s interesting another one?

Maybe @Elvoid is onto something, aliens beaming members up?


So Tiggy has actually left the Building ?

Where is Tiggy,she is my favorite player to watch and learn from…miss seeing you twig :thinking:


She did announce that decision, I believe, sometime in July. :frowning: She said she’d be back someday.


So why has she started a thread here on Nov 5 about how much she loves Replay Poker.

Confused :wink:

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That’s me as well sir. Living in a complex and an “out to lunch world”!

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We do the best we can :+1:t2:

I’ve never bothered to post in the forums, but I think it’s important to note…

If Tiggy has been getting flak for buying chips, that’s pretty sad to hear. :frowning:

I know poker is a very competitive game that fuels a lot of people’s passions and competitive sides. I am certainly guilty of getting heated here and there. I also know that Replay openly shows everyone’s bankroll and rank. So, I can understand if people are whining that someone is “buying up” the ranks. But let’s not forget…this is a free to play site that has run smoothly with great structures and great customer service and the whole lot. Buying chips HELPS support the site. It is literally one of the only sources I know of that gives back to the site and its developers. So, why is anyone wanting to tease someone for wanting to buy chips, which supports the site?

As for Tiggy, I don’t know her that well. I know she can cause a lot of chaos at times (having played with her some in hold’em and omaha hi/lo MTT’s) with her rather ballsy way of playing, but that’s her style. No one said there is a completely right way to play poker. Yeah…solvers have tried to optimize the game, but it’s still not like there is just one correct way to play the game. I understand that her style can be very polarizing…johnsparrow’s style in the high roller hold’em events can really fire up people’s anxieties and tempers and emotions. LOL! What I do notice is that there are many people wishing her well and even railing her in tournaments in the chat box…players that aren’t even in the event. So, she has clearly endeared herself to quite many.

I will admit that I was guilty for calling her out once during last month’s RPOS. During RPOS IX, a Kapser or Kasper account from the Czech Republic showed up and literally the first couple of hold’em hands made me feel like it was definitely Tiggy based on the betting patterns and such. (The Tiggy account was gone a week prior.) I just thought it was a little low that she was possibly playing under a new name during the site’s main festival. So, I made the comment in the chat box that the player plays like Tiggy…asking if it was her.

That aside…I am hopeful she comes back if this is her sanctuary. Everyone deserves to have their happy place, and it seems like she has a great time on here and knows many great people. Sadly, not every apple is a good apple; so, I hope she continues to smile past the haters.

She started a thread about who she was and then also added how much Replay has helpled her in difficult times - never be confused by the shera :slight_smile:

Have fun and smile xx

the Tiggs


@RyRyRobe you are simply lovely and thank you

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