Think before you speak

A gentle message to all, please be kind to each other especially right now (infact all the time)

I have never in my time at Replay spoken bad to anybody and never will, today it happened to me and I did not like it it felt like being back at school

My view is that anybody can play how they like - love it hate it -it does not matter :slight_smile:

So please all do not be mean, have fun and play how ever you want to

most of us are stuck at home right now, and I am grateful I have replay

Play nice in the play ground


I know you didn’t deserve the mistreatment. I’ve played with you a lot and never seen you say anything bad or play poorly.

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I heard a YouTuber say this almost every video they made: "Say what you mean, mean what you say, BUT don’t say it mean!"

That message really resonated with me and touched my soul. It’s much deeper than im sure most realise. For me it says: “Share your thoughts (dont be afraid to) & be honest but say it nicely (or at the very least neutrally)”

People online tend to be nastier than IRL, despite the fact: typing, messaging, social medial requires more thought process & many opportunities to edit what you say & to consider what you say unlike IRL speech.

Thinking is key BUT long before you speak - at that point its toooooooo late:

Being unkind is most often a learnt inclination that is predominant or an inclination. Being kind & thinking before you speak needs to be learnt as much as being unkind & not thinking before speaking needs to be undone & unlearnt.

Thanks for the message on being kind Tiggy.

I would like to apologise to Tiggy, & to others I have been unkind to on RP.


Thanks Tiggy. We all have our different styles. In playing against you I find you
very hard to read. In this game, that’s a big compliment.

Thanks for playing.



go tig words have an impact.
some don’t have a filter.

I have to say I’m happy that the chat at this site tends to be pretty friendly, and that the moderators seem pretty active in policing that. That said, I think we all get out of line from time to time, and as long as it is not someone who is habitually like that, I hope your future interactions are more pleasant, and their tantrum forgotten.

I think bad beats in poker have a way of bringing out a juvenile reaction in most people, at least some of the time. And when you’re running bad and have a string of them over a short period of time, often we see a lecture about how badly the “lucky” player plays poker. You’d think the reaction should be a melodious inner voice: wow, Yorunoame played those cards hoping for a two outer on the river… sucks that he hit it, but gee, I’m glad I’m at this table.


Speaking as someone whom Tiggy has outsmarted at the table a few times, I’ve never known her to be anything but graceful about it.
When i post hands, I usually refer to other players as villain, or their table position, in an effort to keep it from being personal.
Earlier, I found myself with less than 4K chips, so I decided to try the cash tables. Lo and behold, they worked. (except the occasional random card that would show up on the board, but have nothing to do with the hand). Being able to actually play some hands, I was able to increase my roll tenfold, mostly due to someone learning the game the hard way, like I did. Although I hold nothing against the player personally, I’ve spent my time as one of the players swimming around in the barrel. It’s nice to be on the other side of the crossbow.


Very Nice message Tiggy, my Friend. We are only here once & for a Limited time as my Lord said Love others as He has Loved us. Thank you replay for the games for all of us & lets enjoy & Love each other, as we will come out of this disease together !!!


Elaine Grace

Don’t we all? I certainly DO & am trying to be more graceful lol.

Poker is such an emotional game, and a game of egos often. This is incredibly true at amateur level BUT also very much for the pros too.

I’ve done this many times & at times I will bite my tongue and quit the table in silent rage. Im learning to be much more objective after losing a big pot now. Often I can now say: “OK I was unlucky or villain was very lucky BUT part of the reason I lost the hand was a result of ME not playing the hand optimally.”

This is what makes poker so fun to play & watch. The emotional aspect. There is a fine line between harmless banter, having a laugh and then crossing that line & being unkind.

My strategy is jus trying be a lil more graceful.


Thank you all for your kind words - win loose or draw I will always be kind - maybe in my head if i loose i will say some words but never will i say out loud to others and never will i be mean or rude :slight_smile:

I posted this only because it got to me and trust me I am so thick skinned - so it it made me think if it got to me then how about others and their feelings, I am not saying I am stronger than others just made me think if a few curt word can get to me then i guess it can get to others

I am me always have been - I am still my dads nightmare at 48 years young and love replay for the poker and community we have

Tiggy xxx


Tiggy Your the best, always enjoy playing with you. I do get annoyed occasionally with Bingo play and sometimes express myself. The hazards of free chips but I try and move on or find a different table.


Great message Tiggy. We all will get ticked to an extent at bingo players & table bullies…but I do my best to bide my time and beat them at their own game. Got chastised at the table not long ago for a “gb” which I personally mean good bet. I had to explain since I’m a thick skinned old guy, if I mean to say good or nice bluff, by golly I won’t use letters, I spell it out…LOL Some folks may use gb or nb as bluff…not me.

I’ve always looked at it from the “treat others as you’d like to be treated” philosophy as well. I’ve been asked ( told in PM’s ) that I’m too chatty, not EVERY hand is a good or nice hand and even asked why I was nice to someone who is a known butthead. Well, because I want to be treated as I treat others.

Yes in this day in age, it takes absolutely no effort to be kind. Wish everyone else see it that way but it does not always work out like that.


I Get Flack all the time when I play… To many neweys here to get your panties in a bunch right now,Play hard and stick to your guns.Don’t give in to nonsense. Been banned from chat to many times just sticking up for myself… Pathetic… remember this is just a game with “fake chips” I t’s nothing personal…

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Ill chime in and say Tiggy you are a very courteous player. That said, I tend to play aggressive, and sometimes stupid. Most players probably dont like my style of play, but are friendly and nice overall.

Personally, I think this is a goofy thread.

I kinda like it when people are mean to me, because I don’t care. Random internet fools don’t control my mood. I don’t allow them to have any control over me in any way. Mean words mean less to me than a snot bubble from the nose of a newborn yak.

I do like the Tigster though, even when she posts really goofy stuff.


I have to agree with SunPowerGuru, definitely goofy, poker is supposed to be aggressive, I believe when you antagonize a table you get more calls, isnt that why were here ? Its the only reason Im here, its NOT personal it`s poker, have a lousy day… :slight_smile:


I agree & understand your point, but aren’t poker players a lil goofy? Poker players are a minority.

The egos and banter in poker is what makes it worth playing & watching IMO.

Much like freedom of speech & discrimination there is a fine line IMO. I wouldn’t want to watch mathematical GTO robot poker. BORING

Some pro players - although interesting & entertaining - cross the line IMO like Hellmuth & TonyG. I know at times i too cross the line. I know its all gd & fun. I like to annoy players into playing bad n giving me their chips etc. Also most antagonistic line crosser don’t get many of my chips anyway.

Ultimately tho I think a line needs to be drawn. Be kind: is a good motto IMO. Many good & expert players act kind & win by being technically better. Let your chips do the talking IMO.

Honestly I think if your unemotionally affected in poker, yet understand emotional in poker, KUDOS. A line does need to be drawn, tho IMO, & even if its difficult to define: playing poker on RP (free play chips poker) should fun.

Most players are here to play average or below poker & have fun myself included. Some players cross the line by being more than unkind & venturing well beyond the “line,” myself included.

Ignoring poker, shouldn’t we all try to be a little more kind?


When are RP going to take action against those players, who I accept are in the minority, who use offensive language relating to race, gender etc against players jut trying to play a game.

Reporting them does not seem to make a blind bit of difference.

We need to see some action that makes players realise that this will not be tolerated.

It happens on an almost daily basis from what I can see/

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you do have the option of muting the person or persons OR you can move to another table.
Much easier than trying to get what you are asking for.

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you say things so well, PS, get a hair cut you hippie

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