What’s in a nickname...?


Because when I was serving my country I was an airborne desk jockey.


my moniker and pic speaks for myself-----let’s have fun!


we used 2 pick on a kid that did fit the name.Felt bad about it years later so kind of a tribute to him.2 t"s cause somebody already had the one t version,(can u believe it),at gmail and 4 the band

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Mine derives from the 80’s when I was part of a group of people who “burned” cd’s of live rock concerts and like poker each had their own unique name

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mine is simple AF-Air Force, Pharm-pharmacy, Dawg-just like the ending BTW retired now

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thank you for the pleasure. i chose the name of one of my favorite characters from William Faulkner works. my favorite writer. what a terrific site with marvelous people. enjoy the magic!


How come you didn’t capitalize “AF” in your name like you did in your
sentence(???): “mine is simple AF-Air Force…” … They give you one
name change for free, so you can do that should you choose to do that…

:>))) …



Easier to type without capitals work smarter not harder lol


“Nice to hear that you’re familiar with 1984, particularly in this day and age,”

I copied that out today having just reread the stuff on this page (bored probably,
lol), and wanted to mention I got a chuckle out of “this day and age” - that’s an
expression which I, as one who has been living in Geezerville for more than a
few years now uses quite a bit…

Also, I took the time to go to your Home Page here, and note that you’re even
older than I - :>))) … Here’s hoping you’re taking good care of yourself…

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Hi Winston S…

Thanks for the update. Geezerville, PA, huh?

As for health, I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve hardly ever been ill in all my 80 years. I played club tennis for many years (I still play tennis from time to time – good physical exercise). I also played competition chess for about 60 years (probably promotes cognitive functions). Add to the above a healthy diet, a good measure of red wine and a Dutch wife who is 10 years younger than I. On the down side (according to multiple generation analysis), as I have been a dedicated smoker for about 70 years, I should not be alive at all!

“As he fell from the Empire State Building, the optimist cried out at each floor he passed on the way down, SO FAR, SO GOOD. :wink:

I saw the coded message on your homepage. It should be possible to break the code, now that I know the outcome. I spent two years in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, where I gained some experience with code-breaking. If I succeed in breaking yours, I’ll let you know.

Hope you, too, are enjoying good health. I’d be interested in hearing more about your life and times in Geezerville.

See you at the tables.

TooBad (Jerry)

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My name is Randy Brown…my wife and grandkids dubbed me Grandy.
Speaking of my grandkids, they are officially the cutest in the whole wide world :relaxed:


I think you won’t take odds on that, will you! lol

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Nicknames are usually given by our peers whereas ’ tags ’ , the names we use in game , are usually spur of the moment creations . I have 3 ’ tags ’ that I commonly use but only one is my 'earned ’ nickname . Tinamou was created because I thought that a hard to spot , good game bird had relevance when I was hunting for a poker name .

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my actual full name is fatherof3sanity0. i have three children, 16…15…and 12. i feel that explains it all lol love this site btw.

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My nickname is my childhood nickname from kindergarten.

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