What is the problem here?

I just played on the Midtown Manhattan NL poker game and won over 100,000 virtual dollars but it shows nowhere on my activity or bank roll. Some help please. This just happened five minutes ago

It was against somebody named Dmurray87. It was Midtown Manhattan 2 table. It just lasted 5 minutes but it played. It was just that person and me at the table.

This is just peachy. It now says i lost 20,000 in a few seconds on my activity chart. That person is still there and and that person has 877,000 virtual chips and that person started at 1 million. Thanks. P.S. he is rated at this moment at 65 rank.

Now i logged out and logged in and now it says 5 minutes and i lost 14,800. He is still there and asked him but he just wants me to come back on and win his chips back. if this is not fixed cancel my account. I rarely play that long so when i made a good profit i left. Play mostly tourneys. his name dmurray87

This is beyond bizarre. I went back and now it says on activity chart we played 7 minutes and i won 132,000 + but it does not add to my bankroll. I should be at 2,9 million + Thank you. P.S. for the whole time i have been writing on the forums my bankroll was at 2,844,

something? .

2,844,??? something.

Hi Goin4theriver,

Here are the records we have for your account over the last few days.

You can also see the same thing on your account transactions page: http://www.replaypoker.com/transactions

If there is a specific entry that looks off, please let us know.

Cheers, Lesley