What is the payout schedule for the new PKO Tourneys

I’m curious what the payout schedule is for the new PKO tourneys.
With 50-69 players, regular tourneys pay top 10 finishers.
In a PKO tourney I was in today, 67 players was to pay top 7 finishers.
Info about this would be appreciated.

Which PKO tourney are you referring to my friend that you played? I will check on. I know the split is 50/50 bounty & was part of the Beta testing and thought it was the standard Replay payout in chips. Due to several issues here I haven’t been able to play since it went live.

a percentage of buy-ins goes towards the bounties, i believe youll find some answers here

PKO payments / structure


As from tomorrow, the PKO prize structure will match that of the regular tournaments. I originally set the PKO to pay out fewer prizes because there is less prize pool, but I think that was a mistake. Bust the Staff, for instance, had only 24 places.

I reverted back to the standard payouts. A 67 player PKO will now pay 10 places.