No Longer Top Three Payout

What is the purpose of paying out 5 or 4 places in tournaments. What happened to only 3 person payout?? It not worth playing in a lot of them now because the the thrill of wining a nice pot has been taken away. Its more fun to just play rings games.

If tour get bigger, the payaout number grow with it. Regular tour example “The Unforgiven” NL Hold’em 6 hours ago , 29 player 4 payout

freeroll or promoted tournament will be set up higher number as the Bank pay mostly, not user

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It really depends on the number of players, as the player number increase so do the paid rankings. We’ll publish the full breakdown of who gets paid when and then it’ll be much clearer for everyone. There are some tourneys with a fixed prize pool, and those don’t change based on the participants.

Thank you for the answer. I can understand your point if view

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Ty Paul, I kind of figured that was the case. Just wishful thinking on my part, not that it would help me either way lol. Take care

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ReplayPoker uses only 1 pay-out structure for the tournaments. In the past (think 1 year ago already) the pay-out with 20 players was top 3 (with 23 players top 4 i thought) , now the pay-out is top 4 with 20 players.

The reason ReplayPoker started with a new pay-out structure (a year ago) was because the old one was not suitable any more for the tourneys at that moment. The old pay-out structure was based on small tourneys, with the larger tourneys (now we have often tourneys with 50+ players) it needed adjustments.

Couple of weeks ago there was a request for more pay-outs. And you have a request for less pay-outs. It is never possible to satisfy everyone.

ReplayPoker compared a few pay-out structurers already. The one ReplayPoker uses is very suitable for the moment. Maybe later ReplayPoker can use 2 different sorts of payout structures. It is a possibility.

Thanks for your suggestion. Greetings Happiness.

Ty you Happi. I do understand the replays reasons now. :slight_smile: