GTD games - more places paid$$$

i think you should pay more places on GTD games. it would encourage more players to join, who don’t have alot of bank. and it would encourage growth/interest and popularity/ of GTD games. (i know this woild not be popular w/ hi-rollers, but they are really only in it for the $$$, but newer players would be encouraged to join in and this would increase buy-ins, which would allow larger jackpots, which make more places easier to provide=more over-all growth and pARTICIPATION/FUN which is what is the big draw of RP. for example: the holloween turny paid 40 places; it got players REALLY excited.

Hi bubbabeanne

I understand your point, when you have not many chips, it is better to win a bit than lose your buy-in and win nothing.

The pay-out is based on the number of registered players, ReplayPoker uses 1 structure for it. For all tourneys the same (except freerolls and satellites for tickets at the moment).

A while ago the structure was adjusted because there were larger tourneys and now there are more players paid out than before.

And yes with 200 players top 40 is paid out (lol, believe that was the first time i saw that, and that was great) how more players in the tourney how more prizes and tournamnent points.

Not sure it is possible (or wise) to use 2 different pay-out structures. Looking forward to more comments about it.

Greetings Happiness.