What did i win?

On checking my bank acc. i see i had won 30,000 chips but can’t remember where i won it.How can i find out.please.

If you click on the blue rosette next to your chip balance on the Dashboard it will show the details of your wins/losses. All wins or chips added for any reason come with the name of the tournament or ring table hand number.

Hope this helps


Just in case it’s not in the drop-down anymore go to your Bank page and click on “See all” above the Bank Transactions on the lower left side. There you’ll see the details. You can scroll down until you see 30,000 in the Change column so you don’t need to read every line :sunglasses:


what are tournament chips good for

Tournament chips are only good for the tournament you’re in. As long as you have at least one tournament chip, or are involved in a hand with at least one chip in the pot, you’re still active in that tournament. Once you lose all your chips for that tournament, your placement will determine whether you’ve won any “money” chips that can be used in ring games or as buy-ins for other tournaments.