Whwer Are My Chips

I placed 2nd in one tournament and 3rd in another, at the end of each game it said I had won a certain amount of “chips”. what happened to them, where are they?

Hi oslomo

When you win a prize in a tournament, it will be added to your bank immediately, the chips to your bank and the tournament points (week, month and year) shows on your page “Statistics” (when you click on your nick name in the header you get a menu and can go to that page).

Also you get a congrats email about won prizes, in settings (you find that tab in your meny also) you can check the email you use for the site and you can check in notification if you ticked receive emails.

If you have doubts about a pay-out, send an email to support@replaypoker.com. or use the ? in the header, with the date and tourney name to the staff, they can check it and send you the log which shows the pay-out.

Greetings Happiness.