What the heck is going on with that? Knowing where you stand is part of the strategy. Just like the leaderboard on the golf tour. I hate it. Bad idea, that wasn’t informed to us.

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I guess the hope was to speed up the tourney, but the problem that has become on this change is we all have to close the table, to see where the hell we are in the tourney ranks. Kind of counter-productive in my opinion.

I not only play tourneys in real life in Las Vegas, Colorado and other places as well. You never have to guess what tourney position you might be in to reach the payout.

I also play golf and the Leaderboard is always updated so you can play accordingly. based upon that info.

I expect many will agree with me on this. Get back to what was working. Please


We have reported this bug to our tech team – thanks to you and all who reached out!

In testing, we were able to see our position on the table still, but it’s definitely broken on the info tab:

We hope to have a resolution soon.


OK thanks. I have never seen that before, so it was a bit curious.

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use the lobby…

Thats what I did yesterday, but its a hassle to close out the table look it up and jump back on the table.